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Trump's Anti-Worker Punch Down Strategy


Trump's Anti-Worker Punch Down Strategy

Dave Johnson

“You better keep your eye on your kids. We know what car you drive.” That’s the kind of threats a local union official is getting after President-presumed-Elect Donald Trump tweeted something bad about him.


So Trump , like Hitler, has his own SA to do the street level thugery of intimidating dissenters among the populace.

And any reader of the history of the 3rd Reich knows that the SA was the forunner to the SS, which were in essence the National Security State. For us, that would be the Dept of Homeland Security, along with FBI, CIA, etc.

Get Ready for the scary ride of your lives people.


Goebbels and Goring would indeed be green with envy to see how well the US duopoly has refined their work.


I thought some others might be interested in this as well, because Trump isn't just using Twitter to cut out the press, but is using it as a "bully" pulpit. He knows exactly what his tweets do, and it's been going on a long time now. He even threatened to unleash his "beautiful Twitter" on right-wing journalist Megyn Kelly.

Trump harrasses 18 year old girl, who gets death, rape threats

We need to start pressuring Twitter to suspend Trump's account.


All news is fake news. That's why we like it.


Actually that is a fake assertion.


Are you sure? That's certainly news to me.


I'm certain.