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Trump's AP Interview: Unhinged, Bombastic, and "[Unintelligible]"

Trump's AP Interview: Unhinged, Bombastic, and "[Unintelligible]"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump spoke with Associated Press journalist Julie Pace on Friday, and the transcript of the interview, released Sunday night, shows the president as bombastic and unstable, alternately dismissing his 100-day threshold and boasting about his accomplishments during that time.

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

… but we already had Nixon Reagan and Bush … the Empire is on a roll … and the rest were corrupt and psychopaths or sociopaths …


After the primaries were over the only thing I was hoping to see during the rest of the election campaign was to watch Hillary have a grand mal seizure in public. This is even better. Now I can look forward to seeing Trump have a a total, slobbering mental breakdown in front of the whole world. What a show! Oh, and God help us all.



Trump: “I seem, have very high ratings.”
If Trump has an Achilles heel, his narcissism and his infantile, ego centrism are it.


The water is beginning to boil, do you think the frog is noticing? I think he is noticing, but once in the pan, hard to get out.
Time to turn up the heat.


" The rest (of the Presidents ) were corrupt and psychopaths or sociopaths."

Exactly! That is why like Trump and Hillary they were selected for POTUS.


Incoherent, narcissistic, babbling - scary.


Clearly, Trump is an idiot. Americans generally believe that plutocrats are smart. But intellectual ability doesn’t help one rise to top scum in our fetid cultural cesspool. All you need is a complete lack of conscience.

Though he’s dumb as a post, he’s at least picked up on the standard means of garnering bipartisan respectability in an imperial system: drop some bombs somewhere. Other politicians, media makers, and dazed Americans are plenty stupid enough to love him for it.


“Incoherent, narcissistic, babbling - scary.”, exactly my words too, i’ll add very embarrassing to that statement.


Could that interview be any less surprising?

He incoherently babbles his way through every interview. He’s not smart.


It’s obvious that he has taken word salad lessons from Caribou Barbie!


Unhinged and dangerous, but the alt-left cries “It is Ivanka’s fault”!

I mean, he was the peace candidate, don’t you know. Oh yes, and the billionaire, union busting, job outsourcing, corporate tax cut proposing, MIC buildup proposing candidate was also “anti-establishment” and such. I mean Wall Street hated him!!!

Ivanka made him do it.



Health professionals around the world must be in extreme states of alarm about Trump holding the most powerful office on the planet. I know I am some days.

I only have a passing knowledge of dementia, but I’ve seen enough to understand the inability to speak in complete sentences…note his problem of creating a sentence of two or more subjects with no predicate…the repetition of the same sentence or phrase repeatedly in one paragraph.

I found it interesting there was a fairly normal give and take between the two during the first part of the interview. Then Ms. Pace simply resorted to the single word “right” and “that’s interesting.” Did she realize the interview would be more informative if she simply allowed Trump to do all the talking? He was interrupting her anyway. Probably found it demeaning to be questioned by a woman.

David Pakman has an episode which points out more of a dementia-like behavior, and to me even more interesting was the clip demonstrating his speaking skill nearly 30 years ago.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3CFwkoqxIs .


“But the wall’s a very important thing to—not only my base, but to the people.”: Kindly leave me out of that, bud. You want it, you pay for it.

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As I described Trump nearly two years ago: hoodwinker, bamboozler, grifter, hornswoggler, flim-flam man, bullshitter and a complete fraud.
This art of the dirty deal cheapskate and dangerous corner cutting developer of Las Vegas gaudy schmaltz; using " who knows " money and hanging out with international criminals involved in " who knows what " illegal swindles, and much worse.
Frustrated by mortality and TV ratings, sick and aging badly, shallow and racist in tendencies and action, Trump blathered and blustered his way to the Oval Office, anyway.
Coming off his biggest " wool pullover ever ", he’s spent and exhausted. He absolutely hates this job, too. That’s unfortunate for him, incredibly dangerous and potentially a death spiral for those who didn’t inherit millions, a business and chose not to hang out with members of organized crime, all to gain an edge. A very big edge, indeed!!
To the myopic, bigoted and angry white nationalist dimwits who supported this Trumpster/Dumpster of a man-child these last two years, I also quoted a song that still wears well: " You may be right, I may be crazy, Or, it may just be a lunatic you were looking for ". Well, come home America, look no more. You’ve find your man and possibly the only political organization that would have him as their leader.
Now, it’s up to the rest of us to survive Trump and put together a long term plan, party organizations and national education programs to make sure the country never elects another man or woman like you, to the Presidency or dogcatcher, actually.

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Same pattern of speech he demonstrated throughout his campaign. When the topic is not about how great he is, his limited train of thought gets totally derailed putting him into attack mode. His sycophantic flying monkeys must shudder each morning at the thought of facing this unhinged megalomaniacal miscreant and his vicious attacks, tirades, and tantrums…they are nothing more than propagandists and fire dousers because they have no time for anything else.

Not unlike trying to converse with a diehard member of his “base…”


I despised Nixon at the time, but I never thought he was a moron. Paranoid and unhinged maybe, but an intelligent man who was obsessed by his “legacy” as a great man and a world leader: whatever it took to achieve that end. Trump IS a moron, at least at this point in life. Trump’s obsession is himself and his paranoia is …not exactly paranoia, but a determination that anyone who doesn’t appreciate his superiority is a “loser.”

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This delicious comment from another site: Charlie Pierce stated: “a further demonstration of the clusterfuckish management style there at Camp Runamuck” - though he generously added, “Who among us has not misplaced an aircraft carrier?”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I misplaced MY aircraft carrier last week–and STILL haven’t found it!


How many more interviews do we “need” in order to conclude that we have a national (if not an international) emergency on our hands?


Great and prophetic quote from the great H.L. Mencken at the top of the comments.

We’re there.