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Trump's Approval Worst 'In Over Seven Decades of Polling,' New Survey Shows


Trump's Approval Worst 'In Over Seven Decades of Polling,' New Survey Shows

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A majority of Americans—65 percent—believe Trump has accomplished little or nothing at all

Trump approval rating


What is really scary ABOUT THIS POLL, to me, is that 35% STILL APPROVE OF TRUMP!


Trump could start another bigger war to raise his approval ratings.

Direct Democracy


Proof positive democracy is dead or dying in the US. Most worrisome by far is Bush-the-little’s approval rating in 2001. Given the success of propaganda in favor of the military/troops, war may be Trump’s only savior.


A little deceptive; it only refers to polling at this point in the term of presidency. I don’t know about any other president, but W had a much greater negative rating at later points of his term.

This is mainly indicative of the polarity of the poling on Trump–you either love him or you hate him, as opposed to with other presidents who could garner some respect from a few people who voted against them.


Thank goodness he, and the GOP Congress, have not accomplished much of their horrible agenda on the majority of Americans. I don’t have a problem with this administration not getting anything done. It has been my battle cry since last November - “Obstruct, delay, deny!” Donnie Tiny Hands is managing to do enough damage with his executive powers anyway - like cutting efforts to promote and enroll people in health care programs. We need to keep up the pressure on Congress for over three more years, barring a major change in 2019, to prevent the Republicans from getting much of anything passed, outside of a few bipartisan issues, and necessary budget housekeeping measures. It’s far easier for them to win and us to lose right now, so the onus is on the left to keep c**kblocking Donnie at every turn possible.


Not could my friend…but no doubt the odds are would. In my view, not if…but when!


Or, 35% of American voters would support a man like Jeff Sessions, a serial purjerer and an overt racist. As Trump’s lieutenant and real bodyguard, Sessions is the poster child for the sickness in this country.
Unfortunately, resentment politics is ascending at quite a pace. It is being encouraged by the Republican Party and its donor base, primarily for financial gain only. There can be no moral foundation for their arguments or actions.
What we’ve done to the world, is coming home. There will many more casualties until this is acknowledged and addressed. The same can be said of Mr. Sessions and Mr. Trump & Co.


That struck me as well. WTF!!! Thus the underlying glitch in the concept of democracy – our governance depends on the whims of complete idiots.


Scoratizer, the polling numbers for G.W. Bush 10 months into his first year came ‘after’ the 9-11 attacks. Those attacks killed thousands and the W. Bush administration along with the GOP saw that as a golden ‘opportunity’ that they grabbed with both hands, the results of their policies manifesting themselves as strong as ever right up to the present. W. Bush’s numbers were going down prior to 9-11.

The numbers for Bush senior are interesting. Ten months into his presidency the Soviet Union was collapsing and there was an understandable sense that the cost and burdens of the Cold War might be abating. Of course the US planners had other designs. The next Pentagon Budget, the first in the new post Cold War Era, was higher than the previous. A year after this, Bush senior was setting the stage for Desert Storm One. And remember, there was no attack on the US, just the usual ‘we attack them’ for reasons of our ‘national interest’. That would be another boost to his ratings two years into his administration and just two years before the 1992 election. Yet he lost in 1992. He lost to the biggest victory for the Corporate, Walls Street, Republican Lite, ‘we are no longer soft on crime and communism’, the Neoliberal ‘New Dems’. If the Democracts were anything like a progressive party, the GOP would be a footnote to early 21st century history and Trump would be well over 300 lbs and recovering from his latest bypass surgery. Things don’t happen in a vacuum.


The local elections could be pivotal in an impeachment movement. If the locals turn on the republicans this week, the gutless bastards might abandon trump. So there might be lots more riding on this election than is initially apparent.


Bite your tongue! :grinning::blush:


" What we have done to the world, is coming home."

Yes, like I posted before, US foreign policy has had a long history of Fascism. Only reason in the past that America’s domestic policy was not overtly fascist is because the white supremacists couldn’t get away with it…until now!


I hope you are right but the Democrats aren’t doing much to win over the people’s favors. The recent purge of progressives from the DNC is certainly not helping.


The poll of course was flawed.
If you throw out all of the fraudulent votes from illegal space aliens, then Trump is actually the most popular president in US history.


YES! In my lifetime I have known of Richard Nixon, who was simply way in over his head to be president. And now we have Trump, who is a corrupt con artist billionaire. Who is worse? My pick would be Trump, the most horrific president America has ever had due to his sheer CORRUPTION.


If you want to see all of the new polls in one place on a spreadsheet, go to Real Politics:

His disapproval rate is high. Then you have the “wrong direction” majority opinion of the Trump government. Then you can go issue by issue and you will see Trump almost invariably going after issues where he is going against the American majority. A good example is tax cuts for the rich. The first polls out showed that Trump would get slaughtered in the polls if he went for tax cuts for the rich. But he went ahead to support tax cuts for the rich. He’s doing that too many times in his early stage of his first term in office. If you look at his record issue by issue, looking at the polling he has been going after issues on the wrong side against public opinion. Low ratings in the polls? He is doing it to himself.


Yeah. Already the elitist shill Pelosi has taken impeachment off the table again. These people must be exposed and discredited.


Those are the “I could shoot someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue and they’d still support me” crowd. If you ever wanted a list of people willing to vote against thier own best interests, there they are.


The Democratic leadership hasn’t learned its lesson yet, guess the only way that will sink in is when we no longer vote for them. I will not vote for any more lame, neoliberal DNC offerings. I’ll be voting third party or not at all.