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Trump's Attacks on Democracy Threatens Climate Survival

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/13/trumps-attacks-democracy-threatens-climate-survival

We’re going to have to deal with a good number of two-bit political actors, and then below that we’re going to have two cent political actors and some absolute zeroes. We’ll also see political actors of integrity, only a few of these right now but we’ll cherish what we have.

So, if your local politician supports the purchase of photovoltaic panels from Chinese factories but he still wants to promote natural gas as a bridge fuel, you have a choice. If he (we’re still working on “she”, much less “they”) seems to be coming across with a bare minimum of stuff then you can let it pass. Otherwise you can yell out “Wanna buy a bridge?”

Maybe it is thanks to the Covid 19 virus that we lucked out and only had four years of the DTs. As things were going just about only a year ago, Trump was on course for reelection, more as king than president. What a price?

The laws of physics tell us that as the temperature increases – it gets hotter – the energy in the system increases – entropy increases, activity everywhere increases – chaos increases. The chances that humanity will get a grip on run-away global warming diminish. It’s always now or never.

Albert Bates’ blog “The Great Change” at <ttps://peaksurfer.blogspot.com/ is inspiring on low-tech potential solutions for carbon drawdown and sequestration.