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Trump's Attacks on Election Integrity Is a Threat to Everything This Country Stands For

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/05/trumps-attacks-election-integrity-threat-everything-country-stands

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Sorry Bernie, but you had a chance to do the right thing and pull out of the Democratic Party process, take your progressives with you, and combine them with your support among independents to make an historic third party run at the presidency. In the end, you sold out, again. So please, just fuck off.
Is there anything sadder than someone who still believes you can change this system from within?


Sanders actually means “everything this country STOOD for”…theoretically

As Mary Trump observed “this election is not a referendum on Donald Trump, it is a referendum on who we are”.


The Democrats and Republicans would have sabotaged every good thing he tried to do. Without a Democratic Socialist Congress to back him he would have gotten nowhere.


But not a word about the DNC’s attack on the integrity of the primary process in 2016 and 2020 that almost certainly denied him the nomination - twice. That attack, including overt collusion with the media is responsible for where we are now, including Hair Furor.


True, but a defeatist attitude like that will continue to prop up the current system.
It has to start somewhere. The winning of the presidency by a genuinely progressive candidate could have been the spark of new American revolution. Instead, we will now be faced with four more years of corporate controlled american machine politics.
And now, matters are worse, as it will be another four years before global warming will be addressed.


Yes, they would have sabotaged him, but Sanders promised to do what no President has done for generations, and that is to bring a movement of citizens together to force the hand of Congress - including - when necessary - marching a million voters onto the Capital steps.


Honestly not sure who to believe anymore -

Of course trump will try to steal the election any way he can. But at the same time I see the Dems floating news stories stating that initially the election will look like a landslide for trump until all the mail in votes are counted. This seems to be priming the populous for a soft coup.

I believe we are in for a “color revolution” to be perpetrated on the american people this fall. Guess it was only a matter of time before they focused their resources on the folks back home.

A 3rd party can’t come fast enough - and sadly Mr. Sanders is now guiding the millstone rolling over progressive ambitions.


Sanders is developing that same Chicken Little"the sky is falling!" hysterical tone of his 2016pre-election performance. I wonder if its some kind of justification for not having ‘gone for broke’ - in 2016 and 2020
that could have accomplished some major good - and now self-deluding that Trumpie was just ‘so dangerous’ that one determined life-long activist could not possibly have expected to have any effect in
opposing him. With a ‘side’ of ‘if I disengage my powers of logic, I will not see what was done to me by
the DNC in the primary - and if I don’t see it, then it doesn’t exist.’

And Ralph N.(another of today’s articles) seems to have doubled the strength of his rose-colored glasses. Guess the most charitable observation is that they have both been far too long at the fair to
easily let in reality about what the Dims are now. Actually the descent for Nader is sadder.

Time for the shuffle board and bridge luncheon at the Happy Seniors Center as neither
seem disposed to ‘die with their boots on’. For every day that passes, there is more to
establish that both D and R parties are functionally dead, and need to be quickly buried by
a clear ‘no confidence’ snub to both - as its still currently - “summer and we’re running out of ice”.
(Frey, Judd).


Don’t forget the players behind the scenes. As long as there is a Military Industrial Complex, as long as there is Big Pharma and Big Ag and the Prison Industrial Complex, there will be a Democratic Party to do their bidding and accept all their money.


The people of the United States lost “big-time” on November 8th, 2016.

This time around, either way it goes, we will lose again.


Let Jimmy Dore explain it to you

BIDEN Polls Under TRUMP in Michigan! Michael Moore ATTACKED For Being Alarmed!



Bernie, who surrendered, ran away and asked his supporters to vote for the other right wing, authoritarian, pathological liar, has a nerve to be talking about election integrity at this point.


Your comment puts forward the notion Sanders was blind-sided by the party corruption, only a fool wouldn’t have known what was coming in the primary, this was round two remember? He was flush with cash from the working people of this country, money a lot of them probably couldn’t afford, but they gave it to him because he was their only hope. And he did next to nothing with it, no lawyers to file injunctions, no poll watchers, no funded exit polling to find voting discrepancies, not even public push-back from his team against the party corruption, why? He publicly threw a strong supporter under the bus when she wrote an op-ed about Biden’s corruption (Zephyr Teachout). He single-handily tied up the progressive movement for 8 years, preventing any serious forward movement with our ideas, or the formation of a viable party, to challenge the status quo. And recently wouldn’t put a hold on the CARES Act and keep it from passing, that gave everything but the kitchen sink to the rich, until the peoples needs were properly taken care of.
Now he wants to whine about the situation he helped put us in, and offer up suggestions he knows won’t move forward in todays political climate.
Some want to give him credit for bring up the problems we face today, as if a leader in a Peoples Party started 8 years ago, couldn’t have done that too.
Sanders is a fraud, a quitter, and a democratic party tool, he needs to scurry along to the dust bin of history, and not let the congressional door hit him in the a$$ on the way out…


Gotta agree Recon.
When I used to watch Obama - something just wasn’t right. Same with Bernie - and I read his book.

We hope - very human.

Just watched that Jimmy Dore vid posted above by @Phred_Pharkel
Hard to argue with.

Damn - rock and a hard place.


What does this country stand for other than “anything for a buck?”


Quite a lot in my opinion.

A cabal of power & privilege does not make a country.


I miss you guys, especially the twins, Simon and Garfarkel.

So let’s just stick with The Mango Mussolini then, because we will never find a perfect candidate to put up against him right?


Agree with what you said except for D and R parties being functionally dead. Morally and ethically dead for sure, but they are very much alive, and good at what they do, two capitalistic carcinomas merging into a super tumor that is eating this country alive.