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Trump's Authoritarian Executive Order Is an Assault on Free Speech—Not a Defense of It

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/30/trumps-authoritarian-executive-order-assault-free-speech-not-defense-it

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Twitter censorship is unAmerican.
Twitter should stay out of politics and let the fact-checkers get their own twitter account.

And to Trump and his punk generals: BRING IT ON!

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What a farce (and an insult to our intelligence); Twitter’s CEO could have denied service (as it routinely does to others) to DT all along, so this “controversy” could’ve been avoided.

As if either the CEO or Trump are going to anything remotely differently.

Rght answers are above the pay grade of twitters fact checking efforts which center around friendships between twitter management and the worst kinds of political operatives, who set up cancel brigades, try to engage people in arguments. They are well organized - well funded pros. And they are evil people who are led by a former GOP political hit man,

They go after anybody who has something of meaning or importance to say. They may be registered Democrats but they are nothing if not undemocratic.

And that 1st Amendment of the Constitution turned out to be one hell of a problem for these guys.

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I am so grateful for the internet because I can get info from around the world. Of course, each source has its own propaganda axes to grind. Still a thinking person, who keeps up on current events and has a good background in history, can see what other people can not see.