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Trump's Authoritarianism Is Ill-Suited to a Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/23/trumps-authoritarianism-ill-suited-pandemic

A number of right wing sites suggest that the infection rate and death rate due to COVID are now leveling off this demonstrating that Trump has it under control. None of these mention that those “better numbers” correlate to when the data stopped going to the CDC.

While correlation does not mean causation one has to be leery of the numbers going forwards.

I have plaque that my late father’s coworkers made from what I guess what kept them at their lab benches: “There’s no substitute for data.” I displayed in my office to drive my students crazy when I thought they needed more. Should I fly to Washington and use it to make orange juice?


Ill-suited ?

Trump, the GOP, and their extensive propaganda web have become experts at blaming the Democrats and others for their evil deeds, so the pandemic is simply the most recent opportunity to exploit.

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Trump’s authoritarianism is well-suited to a straight jacket.

For him.

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