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Trump's 'Axis of Evil': Pompeo, Bolton & Abrams


You are right that the US is mostly controlled by the rich, but you are wrong in thinking the masses are innocent victims. The masses would shove you and all liberals into ovens if they only could. They don’t do it because they can’t, but give the white scum an opportunity and you are toast. I say it again, the white scum are not your friends.



It would take a hundred years to chip away at the termite hills that they have been constructed. Other places in history had no patience for a chipping away policy, they rebelled forcefully. Our choice as well.
We have the experience to take on the powers that be with our militias, our veteran military and retired, and a lot of tough sons-of-bitches ready for a fight.



We have to remember that governmental change comes about the same as a tsunami. The waves will finish the job (overthrow), but it takes an earthquake (leadership) to get things started
If the quake is large enough, the waves are likely to be large as well.



You are not our friend. You are an ugly tool.



I am curious as well of Monckton’s purpose for inciting such impaling bigotry. It serves no identifying continuity or reasoning. Just seems to be a piece of hate mail. If there is some rational reasoning here I’m willing to read it, otherwise I’ll be ignoring these posts.

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IMO, there’s enough stuff in the heads of Pompeo, Bolton and Trump to make
them highly dangerous to us all –

Likely they are recruits for fascists behind the scenes, but in their love of disruption
and violence they are eager puppets.

Trump’s advances to Russia (whatever they may have been beyond a Trump Hotel)
may have been intended as a trap for Putin/Russians.

We can guess, but certainly for me nothing about all of this is clear or believable.

I don’t think Putin is a stupid man which he’d have to be to get involved with Trump.

And here comes Mueller … ???



Hey ReconFire,

I haven’t seen you on Common Dreams for a while.

Is everything alright?

Just checking.