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Trump's Bass-Ackward Government

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/19/trumps-bass-ackward-government


There goes my taste for chicken.

Well, fresh fruits and vegetables will be a good way to go for me.

The Devil Incarnate lives within our government and clearly desires to kill as many of us as possible.

Here’s to all of them “burning in the fires of Hell for all eternity.”

"Lord, make it so."


I doubled my order of meat chickens this year, knowing this was almost certain to happen given that some deregulation was inserted into our food chains when Dumpf decided the processing lines could speed up. Now, it’s even worse - the hell with Covid-19, these “essential workers” are forced to work in blatantly unsanitary conditions while being paid slave wages. Home raised chicken is so much better than what is offered in the stores, even when compared to pre-deregulated ones. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is allowed to interfere with corporate profits. We the people are being consigned to hell while TPTB smirk.


Not that any of us are surprised, but really when does it stop?, get noticed?, make a difference? Never. The herd want to believe. As long as the mainstream makes no long issue of it… roll on.


When I read stuff like this, it makes all those sweat and bug filled days out in the garden even more worth it.

And who wants to eat beings who have suffered their way to the grave anyway.


Thanks Jim - I guess; not really making my day tho - corporate big-ag chickens, raised like they were dirt all their lives, filled with cancerous virus tumors for dinner, yummy!.

The astonishing inhumanity of mankind is so beyond the pale, it must make a person with any shred of empathy or decency ashamed and soul-sick.

The enormity of the astonishing rot and greed, the pollution, poisoning of the earth and everything it touches, the trump regime has I’m sure had people beside me say "well, it can’t get much worse or more depraved, more criminal, unconstitutional and treasonous - and then another day goes bye and it does.
makes you think that even given the corruption and political manipulations, scummy scheming, sabotage of progressive issues and politicians, service to corporate/banker/wall street pigs, its hard to not think that this time the GOTE (greater of two evils) is so very depraved, contemptuous of all life on earth, destructive and greed-driven that the LOTE seems kind of a bargain, and that is really fucked!


Amen. It is a bizarro world when a Joe Biden can be made palatable to anyone with a more than half a brain( or a heart) but that is what we have been shoveled. America the cursed.


Further atrocities, from Dave Lindorff – apparently we’ve been gassing detained refugees:

According to a report in the Independent, a UK newspaper, the powerful toxic ammonia-based chemical made by Spartan Chemical Co. is being sprayed in the occupied detention facility despite company warnings on the label that it only be used near people outdoors, not in confined spaces. Worse yet, there are allegations from detainees that the chemical is being sprayed directly on them, though the company’s label warns that exposure to the eyes can cause “permanent eye damage” while inhaling it can cause lung damage, breathing difficulty and asthma.


Maybe skirting a little too close to Nazi practices, there? That’s what I first think when I read something like this. Then I remember: We’re talking about USA. Nobody notices the story unless it involves the Kardashians. Never underestimate our obliviousness, here in exceptional USA.


Let’s see…go back about 42 years. Carter was President, and the press were all gonzo over a killer rabbit, while the corporations managed to get Congress to deregulate everything. Said all those regulations were hurting their ability to create jobs. Was put forth by a bunch from Europe call the Mont Pelerin Society, composed of economic libertarians. One of them won a Nobel Prize in economics, one James McGill Buchanan, who had a serious delusion he was a massa from Plantation Virginia Days and wanted to return. A few massas and a whole lot of slaves. And all that stood in his way were those regulations.
With lots of money from the then-unknown Koch brothers and their ilk, they got their wish, and jobs went south so fast it made your head spin. 1979 was the pivot year, and then, in 1980, the US, Canada, and England went far right.Thatcher wanted to nix the NHS, but,luckily, was blocked in her efforts. As it was, both Canada and the US lost manufacturing jobs right and left, and it’s been that way ever since. Canada used to have a thriving shipbuilding industry that was known world wide. We all knew about Collship(in Collingwood), Port Weller, Vickers, Thunder Bay…quality ships built in Canada. Well, they’re all history now. Collingwood’s main income comes from tourism. Port Weller is brown fields. But it does have scrapyards. Any new ships are built in China, and those needing repairs are sent to China(!). One sank enroute, but the corporation just shrugged. The greedy shark who took over said shipping company did some very dirty deals, ones worthy of Trump, complete with the ego trip.
It was only a matter of time before all regulations were finished here in the US of Abuse. And this worldview crept into the general pop under such entities as the Tea Party and Libertarians. No rules. No regulations. My property. My right to own as many guns as I want without any rules. And they’ve been enabled by governments at all levels. Take fireworks-dangerous. Even deadly. They were illegal for years in private hands because said private hands could get blown off. Then, at least in Michigan, Snyder and his bunch saw dollar signs and made them legal in private hands. To sweeten the deal, he said local governments could not pass any ordinances limiting use to certain times and days. Nope, 24/7 and damn the consequences to pets, livestock, those with PTSD, and first responders dealing with fires and injuries. Insurance companies were hit with lawsuits when they refused to pay claims dealing with fires caused by fireworks. Need a police report. Well, we couldn’t tell which yahoo’s fun caused the fire.
That’s where we are now. Anarchy by corporations.
Me, I’d go to raising my own chickens. As long as the neighbors don’t use sprays or have various lawn companies come around with chemicals, poisoning my lawn as well. They really do want to kill off the excess population, and with profits from medical expenses treating cancer caused by those chickens. Where’s Upton Sinclair when we need him?


Hi LadyK:

sigh------- and then there was Upton Sinclair, who wrote the novel,THE JUNGLE…and it was so sad, and real and disgusting that America rose to the occasion and made laws for food health. They did it before and so WE can get it done again. Food should not kill anybody!!!


Oh, you probably don’t want to know about what is sprayed in the air at Longterm care facilities then.

One way to get back - and I have no hope
Hit them in their wallets. People can live without eating chicken. If enough people stop buying and consuming and their profits go down …
But this is america. Won’t happen.

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Speaking of shoveling . . .

POTUS: “It Is What It Is.”       POTUS (defn.):  A Piece Of Totally Unfit Shit.


Thank you.

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If the same regulation and standard that applies to you applies also to all your competitors how can that be unfair to you?

If you want to be free to pollute more than your competitors do or even need to, aren’t you the one seeking allowance to be unfairly damaging to the rest of us, including your competitors?