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Trump's Big Lie About Covid-19 vs. Grieving Families and a Dying Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/04/trumps-big-lie-about-covid-19-vs-grieving-families-and-dying-democracy

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β€œFirst, of course, he doesn’t care about the lives of average Americans, but, more importantly, neither do the giant corporations and billionaires who helped put him in the office and keep virtually every Republican at every level of government in office across the country.” - Don’t you mean virtually every Republican and Democrat" ?


We must reverse the actions of the past 40 years of corporate greed and plundering. It might take 40 years to fix, so we better start NOW! Save the planet, save your life, save your children’s lives, save your grand children’s lives! They lie, goodbye! Vote them out! Peace


Curious about why you are completely avoiding coverage of Epstein? There are 3 months of stories at least, his death, his life and now his girlfriend in jail. With her the publication of part of her previous testimony is a story(the fact that the redaction was done wrong and you can see the real documents is amazing), the stopping of the rest of the documents from being seen is a story. Their connections to powerful people is a story. Their abuse of poor white girls is a story, one assumes based on your show if he had molested and abused 100 black girls there would be a different view right? Epstein’s connection to intelligence agencies like the Mosad is a story. Ghislaine Maxwell’s father’s connection to the same is a story. Was he murdered by the Mosad? Or did he just fall off his yacht? What is Dershowitz’s role in all this? Why did Trump promote Acosta after he gave Epstein a ridiculously light sentence for 40 cases of child abuse? Why is Dershowitz allowed to call these girls β€œunderage prostitutes” in the media? Having sex with them is the same as getting a parking ticket right?


Thom’s extraordinary erudite abilities still shine through these streamlined pieces. He has made some important concepts easier to understand. Some have been boiled down to the smallest possible. Yet even the choir is debating themselves.

Thank You Thom
Best of luck to us all


If it stays within recognized chord-structures, it’s recitatif. Otherwise, it’s jazz.

There’s an interesting, implied subtext to Thom’s grim precis: He’s practically thinking of Orangeman in the past-tense already. This time the hot-air balloon is running out of gas, we fervently hope.


I think that the only thing that would make Trump recognize the horror of Covid 19β€”is if Ivanka died of it. : (


The Netflix series on Epstein reveals that Trump, Clinton and Prince Andrew were most definitely involved in all this. Of course they all deny everything but watch the series and decide for yourself. One girl convincing ly says she was with Dershowitz at least 6 times. He denies it of course. Listen to the evidence and listen to the girls and tell me who is lying. They also point out how unlikely and suspicious the β€˜suicide’ was. Epstein most likely had lots of video of power people’s antics. Trump wishing well to Maxwell sounds like as hint that he will pardon her if she keeps him out of it especially after acting like he used to know Epstein about 15 years ago but they had a fight… Either way neither party wants this story to grow legs.


With all that’s detailed here, and all else we’ve taken on in almost four years:

Let’s keep him in office.
Let’s allow him to seek re-election.
Let’s allow him to stay in the U.S.A.

Since both Common Dreams and Thom refuse to mention Epstein here is a little help from your friends. From the Maxwell files that were released:

Compiled list of names from Epsteins Island flight logs…GB (Businessman) first 200 pages of 2K.

● Huma Aberdin
● Laura Silsby
● Rachel Chandler
● Jeffrey Epstein
● Ghislaine Maxwell
● John Podesta
● Michael Podesta
● James Alefantis
● Anthony Wiener
● Leslie Wexner (Limited Inc Chairman)
● Herbert Strauss
● Isidor Strauss
● Martin A. Nowak
● Steven Spielberg
● Edgar Bronfman Sr. (Seagram Chairman)
● Charles Bronfman (Seagram Co)
● Michael Steinhardt (former hedge-fund manager)
● Sara Bronfman
● Clare Bronfman
● Niles Lehman (Professor at Portland State University)
● Seth Roger
● Ruth Ginsberg
● Alison Mack
● Robert Maxwell
● Wendi Murdoch
● Jonathan Cheban
● Naomi Campbell
● Maximiliam Chow
● Val Kilmer
● Marina Abramovic


● Steven Spielberg
● Michael Jackson
● Kevin Spacey
● Alison Mac
● Marc Collins-Rector (Founder of Den)
● Chad Shackley
● Brock Pierce
● David Geffen
● Tom Hanks
● Dustin Hoffman
● Andrew Kreisberg (American television writer, producer)
● Bryan Singer
● Harvey Weinstein
● Bob Weinstein
● Roman Polanski
● Ruma Hazard
● Charlie Sheen
● Madonna
● Kate Perry
● Miley Cyrus
● Errol Flynn
● Walt Disney
● Michael Laney (Former Walt Disney vice president)
● James Gunn (Disney)

● Heidi Fleiss
● Jeffrey Epstein


● Alison Mack
● Stormy Daniels
● Rachel Chandler
● Ghislaine Maxwell


● Ghislaine Maxwell
● Chris Tucker
● Larry Summers
● Lisa Summers
● Bill Murray
● Bill Hammond
● Ehud Barak
● AndrΓ©s Pastrana (Former President of Colombia 1998-2002)
● Jean Luc Brunel
● Doug Band
● Ron Burkle
● Woody Allen
● Sarah Kellen
● Ray Barzanna
● Sandy Burger
● Andrea Mitrovitch
● Peter Marino
● Shelley Lewis
● Paul Hala(t) (d) a
● Richardo Legoretta
● Tom Pritzker
● Kelly Spamm
● Tiffany Gramza
● Claire Hazel
● Paula Epstein
● Mark Epstein
● Ralph Elison
● Sophie Biddle
● Audrey Raimbault
● Shelley Harrison
● Melinda Luntz
● Gwendolyn Beck
● Albert Pinto
● Linda Pinto
● Gary Roxburgh
● Mandy Elison
● Jean Michelle Gathy
● Virginia Roberts
● Kristy Rodgers (Kristina Real Rodgers)
● Greg Holbert
● Alyssa Rodgers
● Juliette Bryant
● Heather Mann
● Ed Tuttle
● Glen Dubin
● Ellen Spencer
● Chris Wagner
● Casey Wasserman
● Laura Wasserman
● Paul Mellon
● Oliver Sachs
● Henry Rosovsky
● Lynn Forester (de Rothschild)
● Joe Pagano
● Naomi Campbell
● Nicole Junkermann
● Rodney Slater
● Magali Blachon (Deperrier)
● Svetlana Griaznova
● Emmy Tayler
● Larry Visoski
● Teala Davies
● Juan (Pablo) Molyneux
● Freya Willemoes) Wissing
● Adam Perry Lang
● Fleur Perry Lang
● Caren Casey
● Hank Coller
● Cindy Lopez
● Mark Lloyd
● Alan Dershowitz
● Seth Green
● James Gunn
● Steven Spielberg
● Tom Hanks
● Steven Colbert
● Jimmy Kimmel
● Barack Obama
● Kevin Spacey
● Kathy Griffin
● Oprah Winfrey
● Shawn Carter
● BeyoncΓ© Knowles
● Anthony Kiedis
● John Legend
● Chrissy Tiegen
● Jim Carrey
● Steven Tyler
● Ben Affleck
● Stephen Collins
● Will Ferrell
● Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam (Akon)
● Marshall Matters
● Jeffrey Jones
● Victor Salva
● Mark Collins Rector
● Charlie Sheen
● Tyler Grasham
● Madonna Ciccone
● Katheryn Hudson
● Gwen Stefani
● Stefani Germanotta
● James Franco
● Will Smith
● Justin Roland
● John Cusack
● Anderson Cooper
● Demi Moore
● Brian Affleck
● Meryl Streep
● Wanda Sykes
● Chelsea Handler
● Michelle Wolf
● David Yarovesky
● Pharrell Williams
● Quentin Tarantino
● Courtney Love
● Alec Baldwin
● Robert Downey Jr.
● Disney Corporation (Offering kids β€œscuba-diving” trips, to the Epstein Island)

● Bill Clinton took a helicopter with Maxwell and Epstein