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Trump's Big, Wet Fourth of July Picnic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/05/trumps-big-wet-fourth-july-picnic


Mother Earth rained on Baby Trump’s It’s all about Me parade.

Thank you Mom


Retired Army Lt. Gen. David Barno sez:
“This looks like it’s becoming much more of a Republican Party event … than a national celebration of the Fourth of July, and it’s unfortunate to have the military smack dab in the middle of that."

Yes. Truly a pity how it completely overlooks the Democratic Party’s support and funding for the juggernaut o’ death.


“On the same day a company donated $750,000 worth of free fireworks for Trump’s July 4th party, he dropped a tariff on imported Chinese fireworks that same company lobbied against.” More’s the pity that some of us can’t make the least distinction between blatant republican party graft and democratic party ideals that fall short or miss the mark. Fuckin anarchists.


Completely agree with the Generals in the story. The main event was fenced off from the public, on public park land on July 4th no less. Clearly this was a campaign rally, send Trump the bill and enforce it’s payment.


Seriously? The Ds are getting ready to hand the 2020 presidential nomination to Senator Mastercard, who seems to have hit every mark he’s aimed at.


Well okay then. I’m supporting Ohio democratic representative Tim Ryan. He’s a good Dad who wears his baseball cap backwards the way his two kids - a girl and a boy - like him to wear it. Our next President, Ohio 8-term representative, Tim Ryan.

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Hi PonyBoy:____
Are they sure that Mother Earth sent rain___maybe she was just peeing on him : )


From what I understand non of the top Military brass attended. They sent their seconds. All in all, it appears to have been a huge flop that only is loyal base sees as a victory They would not matter what. I think the top Military brass were intentionally sending a message, “In case you are planning a coup, don’t count on the military.”

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Very symbolic. Trump is all wet.

And deserved to experience rain on his parade.


On a par with President’s Bush’s response to 9/11 – buy more consumer goods, instead of Liberty bonds like in WWII!!

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Worth a look I believe:


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That link gave us the rundown on the list of trump negatives. While there is little we can do about him, please don’t take away our choice to laugh him down to size. We have no other weapon.

If true, then democracy is a sham?

Look here, in Alaska, a 41% cut to the University of Alaska budget - devastating - and a continuation of the destruction of America:
The budget cuts would be a disaster for US climate research.

PonyBoy - stardustIBID - you might want to take a look at this also?

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