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Trump's Blindness Toward Slavery, Jim Crow


Trump's Blindness Toward Slavery, Jim Crow

Marjorie Cohn

The almost daily reports of police killings of African-Americans and resulting community outrage have shined a light on persistent racism in the United States. Yet, in the first presidential debate, Donald Trump was asked what he would do to heal the racial divide and replied: “Bring back law and order.”

He added that the use of stop-and-frisk in New York and Chicago “worked very well” and “brought the crime rate way down.”


Seeing how corrupt the government and its faux elections are, many of the voters supporting Johnson and Trump view their votes for those candidates no different than writing in Mickey Mouse on the POTUS ballot..they believe the whole process is not worth taking seriously.

Knowing this, Johnson and Trump see no reason to address issues in this election, they simply create their own reality.


They got us right were they want us. Arguing about race and over two terrible oligarchy candidates instead of the growing gargantuan wealth inequality that got us here.

Direct Democracy


Excellent suggestions but given the US Goverment suddenly in a quandary because a bill they passed to allow citizens to sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11 might be used to allow foreign citizens to due the USA and its military for war crimes, I doubt they interested in accountability for excesses committed by the Police.


While the article is correct in pointing out what a racist Trump is, it failed to show how Hillary is worse. It was Hillary's husband that ushered in the new era of Jim Crow which resulted in the incarceration of millions of young blacks and Latinos. Yet Clinton said during the debate "...and I think all of you would agree that my husband was a pretty good president!" Clinton is naturally trying to get the Progressive votes (Bernie supporters) which in most likelihood will determine whether Trump or Clinton becomes the next President, Therefore the rhetoric spewing out of her mouth about how much she loves everyone and that's why she is going to put the 1% on notice (while secretly collecting millions of dollars from those same 1%ers) won't fly with most Americans despite their displeasure at the idea of a Trump Presidency.
This author is typical in that she only vilifies Trump as to silently suggest that Clinton is our only hope. The only politician who obviously would benefit minorities if elected, Jill Stein, is conspicuously absent from the article. It is this type of corporate "framing" that aids and abets the current criminal conspiracy we refer to as "our government", and is the root of our inability to have someone who represents the vast majority of Americans on the ticket this November.


The author lists ways in which Hillary has "...called for" amelioration of the situations faced by African Americans but one recalls her similar response to Flint and her pursuant noninvolvement when the Michigan Primary was over.


Insightful comment, if only more could actually think these things through.