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Trump's Bongers Budget


Trump's Bongers Budget

Robert Reich

Donald Trump ran for president as a man of the people, who was going to fight for those who were left behind – but everything we’re hearing about his forthcoming federal budget says exactly the opposite: Spending that’s a great deal for big corporations that have hired armies of lobbyists, and great for the wealthiest few like himself. But leaving everyone else a lot worse off.

Here are four important early warning flares:


The hose job and pumps known as "trickle down economics", where the healthy flow of innovation, the nurturing of creative energy and inclusive, sustainable methodologies have now been sufficiently dammed/damned by the powers that be that the oligarch's oligarch now unzips on those who voted for him with the newest, biggest, greatest, greasiest most corrupt version you might call 'tinkle down' on all of us.
To coin countless previous speakers: This shit has got to go.

By the way, signed paper flying so fast, seems sometimes two steps back, one foreward is necessary to grasp elements of context:


American voters apparently never learn. How many times can they fall for trickle down. It is as if the voters have some sort of brain deficit in common that no matter how many times they get burned by false promises of trickle down economics they keep falling for it. Reagan should have been enough but then they voted for George H.W. Bush and then George W. Bush and now Trump. Election time is not the time to forget the past. Someone selling trickle down as being change should set off some alarm bells.


You are right of course. But we also must not forget that trickle down continued, with only very minor changes for 'show' under the Dums as well. We didn't see them going after tax evaders or stemming the flow of corporate welfare. And we have all been complicit simply with our silence. Until now. Hopefully.


We the people have not been silent, the media silenced us and the dems did not have a message that resonated. I've been in marches during first decade of new century and continuing to this date against Wall Street and wars, wars, wars. Ignored by media as profits is their bosses only motivation which means they love trickle down which made them all billionaires.


Perhaps most Murkin voters are color blind and haven't noticed that all the trickle down since Saint Ron''s revolution has been yellow and salty ?


I'm sure he meant bonkers, not those smoking the bong!


Could be Jeff, that Trump and his band of loonies have been smokin' that really bad chit.