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Trump's Brand Is Chaos

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/12/trumps-brand-chaos

From the article:

“…the president is, ‘deeply unsuited… to deal with a genuine crisis that he can’t bluff his way through.’”

There was a similar thought expressed here yesterday to the effect that Twump “can’t gaslight, threaten, bribe, bully, bullshit or sue a pandemic…there’s nothing you know how to do that will help you here.” (apologies if that’s not 100% verbatim)

Donny, you’re gonna need a bigger toolkit.

Congress and the Courts know this even more profoundly than does the public. Nevertheless, they sit and watch him take down the country.

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The Senate is in the hands of Mitch McConnell, who established his TrumPutin partisanship beyond question in the impeachment trial. And TrumPutin has been packing the courts from SCOTUS on down with Leonard Leo’s Federalist Society cadres since his election by the Electoral College. Meanwhile, TrumPutin’s followers drink his Kool-Aid like they were at a People’s Temple jamboree.

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Trump’s brand is chaos because he is absolutely, intellectually, retarded – he couldn’t get a clue even if COVID-19 bit him in that seriously u-g-g-g-g-g-g-ly mugg of his; and couldn’t it … please??

Let’s be candid. TrumPutin is a mild annoyance in comparison to the monstrosities TrumKoch, TrumBloomberg, TrumClinton, TrumObama, TrumBiden, and the whole crew of homegrown neoliberal cannibalists.

By all means, though, proceed with your corporate propaganda fantasies. I’m not one to begrudge another’s enjoyment of The Show.


From the article: “The physical sickness that sweeps our nation is like the virus that had infected the body politic since that day Trump rode the golden escalator down to our doom.

That virus has been infecting the body politic for far longer than the moment the author describes. Surely this is the most dangerous president we have ever had. But the thinking the author reveals here is equally as dangerous - always harping on the partisan symptoms, never the bipartisan disease.

I read this article, knowing Mr. Winship’s work, but curious to see if he could get out of his bubble. Answer: No.

TrumPutin is the end result of those monstrosities. What do you mean by “corporate propaganda fantasies”? The rest of your smug, superior self-righteousness is not even worthy of comment.

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