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'Trump's Brand is Crisis': Progressives, Dems, and Pope Sound Alarm as Trump's Threat to Close Border Looms

'Trump's Brand is Crisis': Progressives, Dems, and Pope Sound Alarm as Trump's Threat to Close Border Looms

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

President Donald Trump's threat to close the southern border was met with criticism and concern from politicians, activists, the public—and Pope Francis.

Trump is taking the action, he said, because of what he believes is a crisis in drug smuggling and human trafficking.

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Spain is now exporting avocados to america.

First off, what crappy boat can’t go around this water fence?

I’m still a cynic and am concerned that the wall would help keep people in that don;t want to be here any longer. Anyone who trusts Trump to do anything good (for the people) is nuts.

With this mentality we will eventually have a fence from here to Hawaii. (sarcasm_.


Okay then

Its not just “Trump checking all the boxes”. Trump is just checking the boxes that the GOP hasn’t yet checked during the past several decades. Trump is simply the dictator the GOP has dreamed of for decades.


Hi gandolf : But the really clever people will take a cruise, and then borrow some clothing from the ship’s crew and just step out in uniform in the good old USA.
Hmm, I wonder if they can take a trip to Canada, and borrow a mounty uniform—or be taken from the cruise by some friendly paramedics----or I love this one… BORROW an ICE uniform, and just walk in. : ) But don’t worry strange frightened Americans, by the end of Trumps term, NO ONE will want to come here. : )

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I think you are right though, if someone has to travel a thousand miles to get somewhere they will figure out to get the rest of the way, no matter what round about way they have do it.

America isn’t failing because of immigrants it is failing because of absolute corruption in our political system and economy. Creating scapegoats is what fascist do It will not solve the real issue only deflect from it so the crruption can continue.


Trump will continue to hide the truth, especially from his base, that immigrants don’t come here as bad people, nor strive to be that. They come here willing to work hard and fit in. It’s just that we won’t let them. And if people hire them to cheat the IRS, well shame on us.


Pope Francis should look at the role of the Catholic church in this refugee crisis. The central American countries are mostly Catholic. The Church forbids birth control, leading to more children than these countries can support, which in turn leads to poverty and the rise of gangs, mainly unemployed youths. In Honduras, half the population is under 30.
Of course Trump is equally hypocritical since he has cut aid for family planning and contraception around the world.


I knew it, Russian bots and Trump are responsible for all the stories about Catholic priest raping children. There are more important things for the Frank to worry about like American politics or can divorced people eat crackers in his church. Pee off Frank. Clean up your own house then come back to us on your moral high horse.

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That’s already a billion dollar wall, or slats or something.

Remember that if I were fleeing death threats I might not be able to afford a boat. So, I’d get my blue jeans wet wading around the end of that Great Wall and then I’d sit down on the sand, building a sand castle (which says something about Mr. Trump), and when the migre showed up I’d ask them for political asylum, please.

If the rump closes the border for any extended length of time, he will effectively be giving Arizona and Texas to the Democrats in 2020. Their economies will take a serious nose dive without the free flow of commerce between Mexico and those two states.


If anyone deserves asylum, it’s Trump.

He deserves being committed to an asylum for the criminally insane, for life.


insert millennial joke here

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NAFTA seems to be the reason for all the economic turmoil going on at the southern border. The agreement with Canada maintained wage parity so that there was no huge difference between the US and Canada in regards to manufacturing wages. Not so with Mexican wages. NAFTA allowed goods to be manufactured for a fraction of the cost of US production then shipped back to the US or Canada at a value as if it was made by workers in those countries. Since the Mexican goods were produced at Pacific Rim costs, it created an imbalance where the average Mexican could not afford to buy products produced north of the border. The manufacturers made out like bandits, while the people in Mexico remained wage slaves, living within the Mexican economy. If there was wage parity with Mexico, you wouldn’t have people trying to escape poverty by coming to the US for better employment opportunities. That doesn’t happen at the border with Canada.

Not too many years ago, I traveled to Canada for a construction job when the work was tight in my area. For the time I spent working there, I found little difference in income and expenses between the two countries. Not so with Mexico, where the hourly wage is held down to benefit American companies doing business in Mexico. Simply paying Mexican workers at the Maquiladoras a fair wage closer to the American wage would end all this nonsense of trying to block movement with a stupid wall. But of course if that happened, the source for cheap farm labor would dry up, and you’d have the big farm operations whining about having to pay fair wages.


Sorry not with you. ???

But here’s another one:


The Catholic church is probably the only organization whose history is even more horrific than America’s, so citing the pope as some kind of moral authority is as ridiculous as pretending America is one.
That said, i agree with the dress wearing geriatric on this one.