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Trump's Brand of Fascism Is Distinct But No Less Dangerous Than Last Century's Fascism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/22/trumps-brand-fascism-distinct-no-less-dangerous-last-centurys-fascism

To my knowledge, Trump talks and acts much differently than any politico. He, in fact, talks so differently than any politician or cleric, that it almost causes me to laugh and then to be ashamed for feeling that way.
For that reason, I try not to listen to him nor read what he says.
Still, he’s has done some good, or if not good acts, then acts which had not caused a wars against Iran and Russia and in spite of the fact that nearly all corporate media, Israel, Congress, and members of the ‘elite’ say to wage a war against Iran.
And if Trump fears that war, he will not wage it. It, I suggest, scares; or should scare to death all Israelis, Lebanese, Iraqis, Palestinians, Jordanians, and me even tho I am nearing 90.

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Trump’s relatives were German Fascists. The US has the KKK or white supremacy. Truth is that the power and money within the US has always been in the hands of white men of power. Also people of color including Jews have always been abused by them. Blowing up the US is good politics for Trump because his goal is grab all the cash he can for his personal bank account and then get out of town before it gets too hot for him. His main source of income has been Putin’s money laundering while Putin gutted the wealth of Russia. US white supremacists only care that they keep their racial status, money and power as shown by the GOP black suts always standing at attention for Trump whatever he does during his most extreme twitters and mental instability. Trump’s base will chant anything to his Fox-led tv shows which is all they or Trump care about. Maybe you think Trump has done some good things, but you will be Trump toast before you know it.

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trumps brand of fascism (as well as his inner circle) is in many ways influenced by the Israeli model of racism, ethnic cleansing, facsism, and supremacist mindset.
Border “apartheid” walls (Israel’s ruled illegal by the ICJ), premeditated destruction of family life, overt racism, cronyism, theft and exploitation of public lands and resources that should be protected as The Commons", ghettoization of minority populations via economic oppression and wage slavery, and racist police forces trained to enforce the status quo!


“His main source of income has been Putin’s money laundering while Putin gutted the wealth of Russia.”

What a bizarre thing to say. Just wondering if you have any sources for that?


Not bizarre if you read the news.

It’s only bizarre that you find it bizarre.

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Assiduously adjusted and implemented via military building blocks of nation states, the IMF and WB have been honing the knots to firmly attach the short-and-curlies of national leaders to their debt schemes. The knots are tightened until they scream, and then, while maintaining the tension, babble on until leaders are convinced that the pain is good for them. It is fundamentally sado-masochistic and like all self-generating delusions of purpose schizophrenic and wasteful beyond belief. The latter - beyond belief - of course being used to foment dissociative conditions and exhaustion in all societies it infects. RESIST!

That the love affair with “austerity” is not part of the writer’s play book leaves me skeptical to say the least…

It’s good to know that the alligators bite isn’t as bad as the crocodile’s.
Sorry theoldgoat, that was meant for the group.

Mueller’s team investigated, got indictments, convictions, and put people away. The dem’s committees are slow poking along. It makes me question whether they are faithfully going after anyone at all. I see nothing but stalling.
The courts on the other hand have handed down fairly quick justice when the DO get a filing.


Outside of the rhetoric, Trump’s fascism or assumed royalism or authoritarianism or whatever is fairly old-fashioned. Nationalism, nepotism, bigotry, and gaudy show are old and familiar things.

What looms as a new fascism is the increasing consolidation of paragovernmental and international players. Constitutional protections for individuals are problematic in all cases, and entities like the IMF or the Fed have existed for some time. Still, there are no constitutional provisions governing international corporations or secret “intelligence” organizations.

These are therefore government of a sort, since they govern people’s lives, but without institutional checks and balances. The individuals invested in such institutions are heavily cross-invested, so the power structure is apparently fairly tight.

If the 21st century has a fascism that is new, and not a rehash of the 30s and the 40s, it stands to bill itself as modern and not as a throwback.It is likely to combine an internatonal institutional model with an autocratic style of rule.

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Henry A. Giroux sees the incipient fascism technologically supercharged, like everything else:

As Ilhan Omar Said, Trump Is a Fascist — and His Rallies Prove It

True enough the bigoted appeal is senescent, but the way people have been dumbified and hooked up to surveillance devices, something like this could spread quite quickly today – like a California wildfire. Perhaps it could also be doused as quickly – that would depend on the heat and the humidity.

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The caption below the photo reads: “U.S. President Donald Trump shakes hands with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban during a meeting in the Oval Office on May 13, 2019 in Washington, DC.” But the look on Orban’s face suggests that he’s weighing whether to shake hands with the president, and it’s a pretty close call.

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Either a troll or sophomoric and misinformed or on the wrong thread.