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Trump's Broken Promises on Display With 'Devastating' CBO Report


Trump's Broken Promises on Display With 'Devastating' CBO Report

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The worse-than-expected healthcare analysis released Monday by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has Republicans on the defensive, the White House dodging campaign promises, and the resistance movement reenergized to fight back.


I was surprised to get a "share your Obamacare disaster stories" in a whitehouse email yesterday. Of course I let them know that Obamacare helped save my life (true). Here's the link. It would be great to overwhelm them with positive stories. I told them not to replace Obamacare with Ryandoesn'tcare.


The upward wealth transfer provisions of Ryan's bill confirms that he DOES CARE dearly about enhancing the fortunes of the 1% and their corporations.

The first appointee shortlists that were made public within 48 hours of the November election put "Trump's broken promises on display". How much more "display" did anybody not afflicted with terminal denial syndrome need ?


The ACA is flawed and not sustainable in the long term. However, it is an improvement on what preceded it, which says more about that system than the ACA itself, and it is far better than the Republicans’ pathetic plan. They really have no argument at all. Just a reality less ideology and greed. You could analyze the ACA in isolation and say, gosh, health care costs have far outpaced wage growth. That would be true, that is why it in its present form isn’t sustainable and why single payer is the only long term option. However, health care costs were rising at a far quicker rate prior to the ACA, and they would increase far more with their pathetic plan. They have no plans as far as how to lessen the waste in the system, in fact their “choice” mantra actually increases waste. How much of an administrative apparatus has to be created just to manage all that choice, all those companies offering all their plans. A single payer system gets rid of that problem, since there is one payer, one plan. It simplifies the system, requires less people pushing paper, less of a financial apparatus to manage the overly complex system. That is why waste in Medicare is about 6%, while in private health insurance it was (according to some studies) as much as half of all money spent prior to the ACA. Money didn’t go to care but huge executive pay, marketing costs, lobbying costs, administrative waste, profits, etc. Again, they have no solutions, no argument. I don’t trust the Democrats to do much, the people are leading the fight. The pathetic Democrats will have to be led and will just follow us fighting these bastards.


Although the ACA is far from the most cost effective way to reduce the number of uninsured using emergency rooms as their sole source of medical services, it has reduced that statistic by 80% at our local hospital, which reduces the cost of services and cost of insurance for the rest of us. Seeing how we have only one local hospital this 80% reduction makes the difference whether the hospital stays open or closes down, a fate suffered by many rural hospitals prior to ACA.

The 80% reduction enabled by the ACA is likely to turn into a 200% increase under TrumpDon'tCare, resulting in the only local hospital closing its doors, resulting in the nearest hospital being 80 plus miles distant on a two lane road that can be treacherous in winter.


Here is the pertinent video:


Ryan encouraged? Translation: You folks that are sick and cannot afford health care, don't worry about...you will be dying shortly!

I wonder how many Trump supporters will be affected by the new GOP plan? Some good may come out of it if they turn on the guy they voted for and we can form some kind of coalition with them over healthcare.


Stop all this debate about what is good or not about ACA and how much worse Trump/Ryan plan would be.

All efforts should be focused on single payer NOW!

What a waste of time to be sharing stories about how bad Obamacare is or in some cases how it saved people's lives.

My story is Obamacare will lead to poverty and possibly death for me in one fell swoop.

Spending energy fighting for the ACA is like staying with an abuser who has moments (brief and occasional) of being nice which serves as rationalization for staying!

ACA is not sustainable, it will kill and bankrupt people and shouldn't be viewed as an option. Now there is even more divisiveness among progressives due to Trump induced chaos and this newfound love of the ACA.

“At long last, let’s get going on HR 676 besides nominal support by its cosigners.” Ralph Nader from:


The Fascist healthcare counter-revolution will not be tweeted. Never will the Fascist counter-revolution takeover of the gov't, in general.
However, it will be normalized.


I know many Trump supporters who are covered by Medicare---the over 65 group. They are smugly sitting back with their coverage and gap coverage treating those of us who supported Bernie----including me who will not qualify for Medicare for many years---- with a complete lack of understanding or compassion. They think it's great what Trump is doing. It doesn't affect them-----yet.

Not that I wish this on anyone but if Medicare were slashed now, I think we'd get a different story and perhaps a gray revolution?

Forgive me if the above seems like a generalization. This has been my experience in a red area :scream: with many seniors that voted for Trump.


We don't have to be very bright to know that health care can't logically be provided by the private for greed and avarice system, it is logically impossible. It just isn't like buying pants, the blue ones or the brown ones.. We don't know when we are going to be hit by a bus or get leukemia.

2016 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey of Adults
November 17, 2016
Benchmarking International Health System Performance

A new 11-country survey from The Commonwealth Fund finds that adults in the United States are far more likely than those in 10 other high-income nations to go without needed health care because of costs and to struggle to afford basic necessities such as housing and healthy food.


Your post reminds me of the anarchists that have a great idea about the future, and care about things like inequality and exploitation, but still argue that we should dismantle the state without taking into account that a context has to exist for their ideas to work as planned. You don’t dismantle the state in every context, since it is possible that that could actually make things much worse. I agree on single payer, but realize that giving up on this fight, allowing the Republicans to push forward with their plan and then pushing for single payer (which won't happen in the short term) will mean that people will die until we get single payer. The Republicans’ plan is going to result in millions losing coverage and people will die as a result, lots of people. You might be fine with that, but you should also understand that the people that may die might not see much in your logic. Many of them would prefer that we establish single payer, but fight to keep people alive in the meantime. Why do we need to allow the right wing to harm people while we fight for single payer? Can’t we help to keep people alive, help to maintain Medicaid (which is often single payer) and Medicare (ditto), while pushing for more radical changes? I like anarchism and all, but I don't want to dismantle the state until the context emerges where a stateless socialism can flourish. That isn't now, so I'll protect portions of the state that help the poor, the environment and sick in the meantime, and try to reduce it in other ways.


Any Medicare recipient, over 65 or under 65 and disabled, who is ignoring TrumpDon'tCare's provision to remove $346 billion from the Medicare Trust Fund is doing so at their own peril.

Medicare, especially for the disabled under age 65, has been in Raider Ryan's crosshairs since he arrived in DC in 1999. Ryan will point to the $346 billion shortfall as a reason Medicare needs to be gutted and privatized.

Although TrumpDon'tCare may negatively impact only 59% of Trump voters directly, its echo effect on Medicare and other programs will ultimately negatively impact 90 plus % of Trump voters. Seeing how he each day adds new enemies to his list of enemies, Trump will create more enemies to blame for TrumpDon'tCare's failings.

A more telling question is not how many Trump voters are negatively impacted, it is how many will call BS when he blames contrived enemies and proceed to connect the dots, while the most telling question will be how many will be willing to admit they were duped after they connect the dots ?


I am 68 and if you have read any of my posts, you know that I did not vote for nor support Trump or HRC. Neither am I for TrumpDon'tCare. Try not to paint with so broad a brush. I know you mean well, but many of us graybeards feel the same way you do. This is compounded by the fact that many if not most of us have children and grandchildren.

Now...it's time to get back to filling out that stack of postcards. #TheIdesofTrump.


Appreciate your reply. From my perspective, what would really foment a political, revolution by seniors that supported Trump, would be cutting their S.S. and making drastic cuts to their Medicare. Not my wish, but like you stated: " they think its great what Trump is doing because it doesn't affect them...yet"!


See my reply to Caroline above. Use a smaller brush, my friend.


I call the TDC ...Republican Anti-American Pain Edict or RAPE.


Yes, appreciate your perspective.


Keep calling your elected representatives who oppose healthcare for all what they are: mean-spirited, cruel rotten bastards. Keep hammering away at the fact that they have the best healthcare in the world that we pay for, yet they don't want the rest of us to have similar benefits. Ask them how they can be so selfish. They hate when constituents do that because there's no justification for their position. The country is ready for change in the single-payer direction. But we won't get there without everyone getting on board.


Will we get everyone on board by using "honey" or "vinegar?" I, for one, don't like being called a "mean-spirited, cruel rotten bastard," but maybe you do.

I agree that "The country is ready for change in the single-payer direction." With your permission, those are the words I will use with my Congressman and Senators.