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Trump's Broken Promises on Display With 'Devastating' CBO Report


'"It is upward income redistribution of a truly massive scale."' This is the "Trickle Up Theory", otherwise known as the "Trickle Down Theory". See howeasy it is to use words. You just say one thing, and mean another.


I somehow got on the same mailing list. I didn't label it spam because this pathetic attempt by the White House spin doctors keeps me abreast of the latest distraction attempts.
For your very own propaganda report this address should get you there. Know your enemy even better than your friends.


I seriously doubt that any T Rump supporter, no matter their age, really went much further than the fight or flight response to DT's campaign speeches. They likely locked onto his xenophobic position and promises of a unbelievably beautiful administration and did not bother to read between the lines where the impossibilities lurked.


I have a much more descriptive word for both theories, hogwash. Trickle down doesn't drip and trickle up rivals Old Faithful or an industrial vacuum device to get into all the nooks and crannies. Both defu reason for a fiscal policy.


Excellent descriptions :slight_smile: