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Trump's Broken Promises to His Voters—He Didn't Deliver!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/12/trumps-broken-promises-his-voters-he-didnt-deliver


He delivered all the corporatists wanted.
He put 200 corporatists in the federal judiciary and it already paid off.
And he kept people distracted while the rape and murder was done.
He rolled back enough EPA regulations to let Koch Enterprises go on killing people.
He got rid of Obama’s environmental progress.
He’s been awful for progressives but wonderful for corporatists.


Trump delivered the one implicit promise–to remain his base’s leader, for that is their void in life that must be filled. It is an old story hard to grasp by rational people, but let’s face it, have no others had an occasional though like me that Trump’s base would be best kept in a zoo or circular firing range?


Yes, Trump’s cult members have always blamed somebody else for everything while they have never taken responsibility for anything. Trump serially validates that behavior for himself and the cult.

“Most people don’t want democracy because democracy requires taking responsibility and most people are afraid of taking responsibility” - Sigmund Freud

While Trump’s “anti-immigrant stance” is indeed appealing to most of his cult members, Trump keeping his boot heel on the necks of people of color, citizens or not, has far more wide ranging appeal.


Better yet, combine those options and make Thunderdome a reality.


Why has he escaped accountability, for his lies, broken promises, misdeeds etc.?
It is because he has M. McConnell and a Senate majority riding shotgun for him.
That’s his Teflon coat.


The saddest part of this compendium is that it underscores how low the d-party brand has sunk.

In today’s scenario – a litany of broken promises, a non-existent pandemic response, endless lying, blatant racism, and zero economic gains for average workers – you’d think that Biden/Harris would be up by 15 points in the polls and climbing. Instead, they’re up seven and dropping.

And the debates – in which Trump is going to mercilessly hammer Joe – haven’t even happened yet.

I know I’ll be blamed as the reason Biden loses – that’s fine – but is it wrong of me to notice the ineptitude of the d-party? They could lose to a guy in a blond wig, spray tan make up, and size XXXL Spanx – a guy who tweets all night from his bathroom like seventh-grader – twice! Meanwhile, I watched Washington Week last night, and their panel of reporters stated that the Biden/Harris campaign plans to continue with their strategy of attacking Trump on his pandemic response. I mean, damn, that’s all they have?


As always Ralph Nader delivers the truth. Thank you Ralph I’ve been a fan since my late teen over 50 years ago. Thanks for links for Smith and Kristoff.


“He didn’t deliver [exclamation point?]!”
Ralph, tell us you didn’t write this ludicrous headline.

Dang, them accursed Republicans are mighty good at um, accomplishing their missions.


They have always been good at the long game. The crap going down today has been in the pipeline for years, ever since the New Deal, in one form or another. That is discipline. The dems can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.


Obama’s environmental progress???


Looks like they haven’t learned anything from 2016. This is deja vu all over again.


More and bigger unmasked rallies.

sort of like what happened with Obama after he was elected


The Dems have been pathetic since 1945, when they began compromising with the GOP, which was far more liberal then than the Dems are now. JFK almost put a stop to the skid, but got killed. LBJ was a dealer and dragged the whole mess of government along behind him from Sam Rayburn teaching him about the skeletons in whose closet. He controlled J. Edgar Hoover. What the Dems are best at is, as someone said, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

I would hammer on the fact that Trump moved the RCP scale that climate scientists use to tell each other how bad it is to 8.5, the highest it goes,
so the next thing is runaway climate change that no living thing above the bacterial level survives, and the bacterial layer may not, either. The SOB didn’t kill just 200,000 Americans because he thought he could get away with it. He torched the entire planet and everything on it. I don’t know if fragile American constitutions can handle hearing that. They shouldn’t have elected a person with no ability to tell who he is or what he’s doing. He didn’t know he crashed his businesses, causing bankruptcy (and being limited to an allowance of $486,000.00 per month). I would be cramped on that meager bit of cash flow, too.

If Joe does win, and Trump is extracted from the White House and handed over to, most likely, Interpol, on his way to the ICC to face a murder trial for killing the Iranian general in Iraq, the only thing that will do to save life on Earth (what’ left of it) is a WWII scale all out effort to get in front of the Sixth Mass Extinction and back it down. I’m not sure there’s a Democrat in power who has the slightest idea there’s something else to do besides kiss GOP butt. So there’ a long way to go. If enough progressives get elected, they may be able to get Pelosi out of the way and if Dems got the Senate and Chuck can get his head out of his rectum, that level of effort may happen. If it doesn’t, I’m not certain 2024 elections will be required. Every country in the world has at least one wildfire - the biggest, baddest fire anyone’s seen, dumping billions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere and we were already at 417 ppm. It may be time to kiss this planet goodbye.

Clinton had both houses of Congress for two years, and so did Obama, and neither of them tried to slap a huge carbon tax on Big Oil. They couldn’t know what a fuckup Trump is, but they fucked up, too. Obama forgave my student loans, though, after the next to last time I crashed and burned from bipolar disorder (I’m okay now, after the VA finally diagnosed it, twelve years after the first time I crashed, if I take my meds every day), so I can march into the ash pile debt free.


Yeah. It’s invisible now.

  1. Many of his words, talk or actions are Prate, Codswallop, Bunkum, Flapdoo-dle, Folderol, Specious, Pejorative, Obscurantism, and Bosh. 2. As a President he is Egregious. 3. He conducts himself about disagreements in a Reviled and Rebuke manner. 4. He does not Elucidate his comments or ideals. 5. His comments at times are Absurdity and Tirade. 6. He does not believe in Egalitarianism. 7. He expresses Pejorative on many things. 8. Many times he acts like Non combos mentis. 9. He uses twitter as a soap box to express Diatribe-Polemic views. 10 .Many of his views are Quixotic; like the wall. 11. He has a Haughty and Condescended personality. 12. His personality is Odious at times. 13 .His views towards the poor and unfortunate are that of Despotism. 14 .Many of his ideals are Purportedly. 15 .He likes to Razzle-dazzle, Bamboozle, Hoodwink and Hornswoggle people. 16. He likes to hire Minions to work for him. 17. Many of his ideas are Figments and Phantasms. 18 .His ideas or behavior are sometimes Mercurial. 19. He can be a Shill. 20. Sometimes he is Prate on subjects. 21. Overall he is Perfidious. 22. DUMP TRUMP ~ DO IT NOW!!! ~ HE’S CRAZY.

Thank you Ralph Nader for this list. It is nice to see a list so I do not have to hunt.

They learned at least one thing - that they can get away with absolutely anything.

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