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Trump's Broken Promises to His Voters—He Didn't Deliver!

I saw reports after the 2016 election that over half of those who voted for Trump hated him, and only thought Hillary would be worse, and also over half of those who voted for Hillary hater her, and only thought Trump would be worse. In a democracy, they would have both been disqualified.

I’m surprised Ralph doesn’t seem to take this into consideration. As the Waffle House cook said in a clip aired on the Jimmy Dore Show repeatedly, they knew Trump was no good, but he at least offered something. Hillary campaigned on “everything Obama did is fine, you deplorables and Bernie lovers can both fuck off and die.” And obviously the Biden campaign is happy to repeat the process. Either way, his donors win and we all lose.

The only question left is how many will boycott the oligarchy this time, and how many will be stampeded into voting for legitimizing the oligarchy.