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Trump's Budget Director Declares War on the American People


Trump's Budget Director Declares War on the American People

Richard Eskow

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has issued a declaration of class war against the American people. His words may have sounded wonkish or technical, but underneath the coded language, Mulvaney was expressing Republicans’ extreme ideas with unusual directness.

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Good article.

If it wasn't already clear, it should be now: Trump's agenda is "gloves-off" Class Warfare.

(Gotta give him credit for one thing - an even greater "Bait-and-Switch" than the historic ones pulled off by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.)


The budget director may declare an economic war on the American people but the truth is that this administration and the Republicans have declared war on America, its constitution and its very identity. They attempt to define America looking from the top down. It is as if they see America as belonging to corporations and the 1% and literally end political representation for everyone else. Even to the point of disenfranchising the voters through gerrymandering and so forth until they have attained the White House because of it and not because of the voters. Trump was put in the WH because of the electoral college not because of his being the choice of the voters. Yet this fact is rarely mentioned as he dismantles our way of life and throws the country to the elites and corporations.

While the overwhelming number of Americans like having the Constitution that generations of Americans have shed their blood protecting, Trump comes along (through gerrymandering) and treats it with disdain.

It is becoming quite apparent that Trump and Co. have true disdain for American democracy and its institutions as well as for the common man. Trump loves the power inherent in America not its Constitution or its people. To him our democracy is a hindrance as is the democratic principle of representative government!

You get the sense that Trump wants to change things not as people want but as he and the elites want.

In short... Trump wants to make it >>> Trump America instead of America!


It's way past time for any sane person to let such a statement go unchallenged, on the spot. (How the hell we get MSM "journalists" into that group is another of our big problems...)

Here's one possible response:

"Economic benefit" for whom? People who don't have enough to eat, or clean drinking water? People who can't find a decent job? People who don't have health insurance? People who are in trouble because they can't afford a lawyer? What you are saying is all wrong.

What you are saying is that squeezing the life out of the people at the bottom makes the economy run better. That's factually wrong, and let's talk about how morally wrong it is. Let's talk about how you damn sure wouldn't want to be treated that way yourself.

"Misallocation of resources!" What you are leaving out is how badly that has already been done. And yet (in the words of the great John Fogerty) all you can say is "More, More, More!"

You are a mental failure. A moral failure. A sociopath. You have no legitimate standing to wage the class warfare you are escalating. A freak opportunity to pull the Orange Blob's puppet strings has befallen you and you intend to strike. Like a snake. Like Helen Caldicott's "reptilian midbrain" characterization of Dick Cheney.

What's your endgame, Mick?

"Let them eat cake?"


But these right-wingers are totally happy to spend money on war. If you build a bomb, what do you have to show for it?


Patch, apparently you did not notice that Clinton and Obama both raised taxes on the rich.


And with them Wall Street does not do anything wrong because they make a lot of money. Therefore they must be holy! What a crock.


Profits- for their investments!


Yes, they did. Obama did barely.


Media that characterize Mulvanney or any other GOP operatives as "deficit hawks" are squarely in the "fake news" business that Trump serially bemoans despite Trump and the GOP being second to none in creating fake news.

No matter how much the GOP criticizes the Democrats and others for deficits, their criticism is actually focused on what the deficit provides funds for. There is no outer limit to how much deficit spending the GOP will approve for corporate welfare programs, the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) welfare being the most sacred of their sacred cows.

Recall early during the Dubya regime when Dick Cheney told the world "deficits don't matter" as he and his puppet cut taxes and accelerated the eternal war and occupation model that Trump and the GOP cherish ?

I have a special deal on oceanfront property in Tucson for anybody who believes that whatever Trump calls his "infrastructure program" will include any public infrastructure improvements.


I would say that Obama raised taxes on the wealthy more than "barely." He raised income taxes on the rich by 4.6 %. He raised investment taxes by 3.8% and he added an income tax surcharge of 0.9% on incomes over $250k. Yes, it's still a "little" short of Eisenhower-era tax rates, but that is such ancient history that no one even knows how to discover anything about that strange, foggy time in the far past.


My comment wasn't strictly a "tax the rich" observation.

The "bait-and-switch" comment refers more to their respective betrayals both of pre-Clinton Democratic Party norms and of campaign rhetoric-induced expectations, both of which ended up feeling like a "war on the American People," at least to those of us on the receiving end.