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Trump's Budget Draft Takes Axe to Low Income Housing Funds


Trump's Budget Draft Takes Axe to Low Income Housing Funds

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Should the Trump administration's plan to slash 14 percent from the national housing budget come to fruition, people will indeed be "dying on the street," the head of national advocacy group warned on Thursday, borrowing President Donald Trump's own words.

Late Wednesday, the Washington Post published an analysis of the draft budget for fiscal year 2018, which included more than $6 billion in cuts at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


And Carson asks in his omnipresent stupor, what axe?

Perhaps the displaced homeless persons could occupy all the empty space in the Trump Tower Hotel with luxury condos and commercial space to let that went into bankruptcy/default in Toronto…


Why not deep cuts in the DEA? Isn’t rump against the nanny state? There aint nothing in the gov’t more nanny than drug prohibition.


Let’s let these people who need these programs move into the WH – that would give the Donorrhea someone to talk at when he wants to tweet his usual 3 a/m idiocy. And there’s always mar-a-lago (who the hell comes up with these idiot names?) – think of all the nice rooms he could share with these deserving folks, and since Melania and Barron are all alone in NYC I’m sure there’s some room in that Dump Tower for a few homeless veterans.

Have you noticed how everything he touches turns to shit?


More like everything he touches turns into more money for the 1% and their corporations at the expense of the 99%.


Must be far to many empty beds in the for profit prison industry.


I can’t imagine how people can be so heartless as those in the GOP are. They’re only focus is on programs that benefit the wealthy, whether they be individuals or the military-industrial state. Assuming the nation can survive the trump era, this should bold well for 2018 and 2020 as even the numbskulls who voted for the GOP and trump this last time around will have to recognize the error of their ways.


Yes, it boggles the mind. And furthermore it boggles the mind that such actually hold “leadership” positions.

It was not enough to take away our healthcare from low income senior and disabled; not enough to take away any help in paying unaffordable rents but they have their sights now also on the only source of income for many of us seniors (social security) for which we have contributed almost all our lives…