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Trump's Budget Is Immoral


Trump's Budget Is Immoral

Bernie Sanders

The budget introduced this week by the Trump administration constitutes nothing less than a massive transfer of wealth from working families, the elderly, children, the sick and the poor to the top 1%.


Right on Bernie, as usual. But let's be completely honest.... it was the Democrat, Bill Clinton, who did the most to deregulate Wall Street and bring on the collapse of 2008.
How could you not know that?


"Sadly, this Budget exposes all that Verbiage for what it really was, Cheap Campaign Rhetoric that was meant to get Votes."

Anyone who voted for the Duopoly was going to get that, regardless.


Thank You for simply stating obvious facts that cannot be spoken in the "progressive community."


As jamb1 says, it's "selective morality." Which means hypocrisy, lying, immorality, etc. But that's OK, it comes from Bernie so it's OK.


Thank you, Bernie, for changing the entire conversation in America, for showing that the majority of people are populists, like you.

Hopefully, if you or someone you support, runs in 2020, you all can return to pointing out the obvious collusion of the Democrats in all this more frequently than you do now. I have heard you, on occasion, point out that many Dems are still beholden to corporate donations and supporting policies that hurt us.

Keep on doing whatever you can do, you are the most popular politician in America and you are scaring the establishment by enlisting so much support for single payer, for the environment, for less war, for expanding social security, breaking up the banks, affordable education and much more.

Please don't let up--many of us are still counting on you!!!!


Bernie! You da MAN! Jill, Ajamu, get aboard. Earth's burning. ALL hands on deck. Let's help get the Berners get on with their (our) house cleaning of the Dem-corporate carpet-baggers, like Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, Feinstein, Perez and others. Dammit, we Greens (I'm a hybrid, Dem-Green-Berner) are fools to think that not merging with Bernie, that we can stop America's theft by the fascist right, next election. ALL HANDS ON DECK! EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! WE are a duopoly. Let's takeover the DEMS NOW!!!


How to stimulate the economy?
How to cut food stamps?
How to cut overall spending?
How to increase revenues?

In fact the fed has been trying to create inflation for the past eight years by rigging the stock market---and all that needs to happen is raise the minimum wage. The economy has seen a spurt of growth because some states raised the minimum wage.


Thank god at least one "Democrat" is making it about the issues and their ramifications and not solely about Trump and the Russians. Trump is somewhat nonessential to what is going on in every governmental agency, so if he quits or gets ousted it would be a pyrrhic victory since policy is moving forward. Dems will make the same mistake they did when Obama was elected. They'll believe they won and that their work is done.


This should be the number one issue in this country. Donald Trump completely lied when running for office-----he wants to cut social security and medicaid----in fact under his budget medicaid will be gone. This budget is an act of terrorism.


Capitalism is immoral. The democratic party is a capitalist party.


Your clairvoyance is astonishingly ignorant and uninformed..................


He is in denial - he is wedded to the DP and, as so many other "prog" Dems (and please don't give me that stuff about him being an "indy"). when push comes to shove, chooses party over principle because the prime directive is to "beat the Rs" and if that means compromising to death what we the people want and need, so be it ...


Oh dear .... that's too bad ....


Methinks you have it backwards - its the Berners who need to merge with the Greens - Sanders had his chance and he preferred to back one of the worst candidates of all time - because she was a Dem - and he will do it again - merging with Sanders, or any Dem is a fatal mistake for progs ...


Absolutely! At least one Dem is making a lot of noise - he knows how to do that - but when push comes to shove, he shuts up and sits down when told it is "hurting the party" something he never wants to do ...


So which is it - is jamb clairvoyant or ignorant and uninformed? I'll go with the former ... (smile)


Or go third and pressure the Dems. I'm still an active Dem, trying to move the party, but I may go Indie in 2018. But hell yeah, let's keep exposing the MSM for the propagandists that they are and pushing the populist agenda!!!!


Going 3rd - Green, much better idea ... (smile)


Yes. That is their whole pitch, as usual. But we're better than him! And it may well work. But we gotta keep pushing the whole nation populist. Left, right, we're in this together. Brand New Congress has just come out with their first Republican they will support. I forget his name, bit it's sure to be on their website.

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