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Trump's Bull Destroys the China Shop–And Our Role in the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/10/trumps-bull-destroys-china-shop-and-our-role-world


Ugh. Security state liberalism gets less attractive with each day.

“Our” role in the world needs to be destroyed.


The rest of the world knows that Trump is an extreme aberration, almost normalizing W for goodness sake. They will forgive four years of Trumpism, but not eight. While Biden is not my guy, his administration would be populated by professionals, competent and dedicated. Bernie has seemingly been successful in pushing him toward Progress and we should be grateful for that and remember to do our part in holding Biden accountable, should he prevail in November. If the nation can’t return to leading by example it will implode. Radical reforms are needed to bolster education to compete in the science and engineering fields. I witnessed the erosion first hand over a generation in classrooms. The social-safety-net structures must be strengthened so that citizens can focus on the nation and the Planet rather than mere sustenance or feeding some debilitating and degrading habit. Big Energy, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Banks, etc. all need to be reworked to serve the people and the nation rather than the tip of the fascist spear. Joe won’t get this, but I hope enough people rushing to his side do and will overwhelm him with moral authority.


Our weakness in the world must end with Trump.

Him and his white supremacist loving GOP must be relegated to history as the Civil War was.

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These “experts” are so totally clueless!

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  • These "experts"are so totally clueless-

True, and I’m not sure whether they, including the author, really don’t know or deliberately omit some facts.

Example, about “China and India again have been killing each other’s troops” Winship didnt describe the peculiar way the two sides fought. First, both sides obeyed their rule that no lethal weapons would be used so they actually fought with wooden clubs. Also, according to Indian reports, deaths occured mostly because they were fighting at the edge of a cliff and, unexpectedly to both sides, several fell to their deaths.

The agreement by both sides not to carry lethal weapons in any fight sounded so strange that I think could have happened only between two ancient civilizations. No shock and awe here, or the continuing killing of civilians for decades in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The two sides have agreed to stop such incidents and the border should remain peaceful despite instigation from obvious international actors.

Wihship also said: “China has clamped down on dissent in Hong Kong …”
I think after a year of riots any country would “clamp down” the violence that destroyed the livelihood of tens of thousands of small businesses. As for “imposing a national security law in violation of the 1997 agreement” that was what Churchill might call a “terminological inexactitude.” Article 23 was already in the Basic Law document since the colony’s return to the motherland. All sides hope it would not need to be implemented until the riots that included using petrol bombs on innocent bystanders continued for months. And there was only one death - not sure it was intended by the police - in all these months. Compare that with the unceasing killings of mainly black protesters in the US.

I normally don’t care what goes on over there as it was a matter for China and its Special Administratiive Area of Hongkong. Though foreign involvement was obvious, as in the Ukraine, neither China nor Hongkong could avoid responsibility for the wide disparity in wealth between haves and have-nots. The neoliberalism of Beijing and Hongkong must be discarded or, somehow or other, more riots would occurr.


Destroying the U.S. “role in the world” would be a wonderful achievement. We have been a force of death and destruction ever since WWII.

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Another incoherent sheepdogging effort from Winship. Here’s Wendy Sherman from the article:

“…I have faith, both in the resilience and the goodness of the people in this country…”

Here she is again from the article:

“I don’t think our country will be our country if Donald Trump’s elected for four more years…”

Yoo hoo, Wendy, it was the resilient and good people who gave you Trump and who might do a repeat.

I will no longer bother reading this CD contributor. I can find simplistic sheepdogging anywhere.


Considering what “our role” in the world has been over the past several decades, i.e. building up military across the globe, ruining countries, bullying others who don’t want to play ball with us, I will shed no tears in it being destroyed


Covid is taking care of that.

“Trump’s Bull Destroys the China Shop–And Our Role in the World”
trump destroys world!

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Maybe those at the constitutional convention who thought there shouldn’t be a president in our government were right all along? There will always be Trumps in the world, but good governance needs to weed them out from positions of power, and have the power to swiftly recall them should they get there.

I believe that we need:

  • Proportional representation between 3+ parties in Congress, as seen in European democracies, because having one party ignore impeachable offenses for reasons of venal partisanship is a broken way to govern.

  • A no-confidence vote that can originate from public petition, a quora of states, or either body of Congress. One Mitch McConnell shouldn’t be enough.

  • No ballot that doesn’t lead to paper.

  • Invalidation of all appointments made by a compromised election.

Fact is, Trump has exposed a lot of flaws in our system. What has happened ought to motivate us to make some serious changes.

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A our nation’s leading candidate: Sarah Iannarone whose GND ideal first steps first leading to harder next steps. Portland must kick Ted (and Doug) out of office, period, end of story: