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Trump's "Buy American" Order Looks Weak as DAPL Company Pushes Back


Trump's "Buy American" Order Looks Weak as DAPL Company Pushes Back

Nika Knight, staff writer

Loopholes and weaknesses in President Donald Trump's much-touted "Buy American, Hire American" executive order signed Tuesday abound, critics


The bulk of the warehoused steel pipes are manufactured in and exported from Russia without one pipe "Made in the USA" in situ, contrary to what the demented dimwit chants to his rabble.


I worked as a steel worker during the summer of 1969 at Bethlehem Steel Coke Ovens in Sparrows Point Maryland. My brother and a couple other friends worked there as well. Bethlehem Steel was one of the largest employers around.

I was only 17 at the time, and I was earning around $250 a week. It was hot and dirty work and also quite dangerous.

This is just another example of an industry that corporations and government in their infinite wisdom decided to move offshore.


The goal of the investor class is to maximize profits. That's the quick and dirty story of capitalism.

Globalization has afforded investors the opportunity to relocate production to low cost locations, corporate leadership is obligated to lower costs as a function of maximizing profit. It's right there in every corporate charter.

Even better for investors, relocating/offshoring has stripped organized labor in the formerly high-wage USA of bargaining power and now union membership, where it even exists, is open to the empty rhetoric of liars like Trump.

Best of all for the investor class? Their complete financial control over the political duopoly, which bestows the ability to institute an asset stripping, wage and benefit trimming agenda no matter which party is in 'power.'

Not everything about globalization is bad--workers around the under-developed world have seen income increases--but mostly globalization is a get-richer-quicker scheme for the investor class.

A notable exception is export giant, Germany, where union membership is fully supported. If workers in the USA could organize around a German-style seat at the table like they had prior to globalization, they could exert influence. But effectively re-organizing them at this point is a herculean task. For example, despite rank and file union member support for Sanders, most union leadership nonetheless endorsed status quo poster child, Hilary.

A final note: Trump's actually right about the unlevel playing field that tilts in the favor of many of the USA's trading partners. We're the most open border free traders on the planet, our trading partners put up protectionist barriers. But despite Trump's bluster, the investor class, as this article makes clear, will preserve their globalization profit windfall, and wages will continue to stagnate. On the bright side, imported steel, t-shirts and petfood are on sale at rock bottom prices right now at Walmart.


Nobody could have said that any better ST.

As the Investor Class has complete control of virtually every aspect of their quest to maximize profits, little to 'no' consideration is given to American workers and what benefits them, our States, and our Country.

Greed isn't labeled one of the seven deadly sins for nothing.

Maximizing profits benefits the very few, not the many.

Our Earth is in trouble, primarily due to the Investor Class needing to Maximize Profits.

Those in the United States who continue to support politicians from the Duopoly are totally enabling the decline of our civilization, all the time wearing their ' Blinders' to prevent them from seeing, and admitting this to themselves.

There is another way. We all must simply remove the 'Blinders', and See.

People, Planet, and Peace over Profit!


You'll get your wish soon enough, PB.

Unsustainability won't come crashing down on just us average ponies. The investor class can try hiding out in their supposedly safe enclaves in New Zealand but scarcity will surely follow them.

So, I dearly hope, will the dispossessed masses wielding torches and pitchforks and perhaps rudimentary, impromptu guillotines.

Then, centuries later, the silly survivors will rekindle the brutal economic schemes that fuel the next extinction event.

Good times, Man, good times.