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Trump's Call to Libyan National Army Leader Increases Risk of 'Protracted Urban Conflict,' Experts Say

Trump's Call to Libyan National Army Leader Increases Risk of 'Protracted Urban Conflict,' Experts Say

Julia Conley, staff writer

A phone call from President Donald Trump to Libyan National Army leader Khalifa Haftar helped to escalate deadly violence in the Libyan capital of Tripoli this weekend, as well as undercutting the United Nations' hope for a ceasefire in the country.

Oil–what else? Venezuela, Libya, Iran…

Right–very conducive to “democracy”.


This mess all thanks to Hilary Clinton , the Obama democrats , the member Nations of NATO that joined in to destroy libya and those groups like Humans Right Watch which were fabricating details of atrocities so as to get Qaddaffi removed from power.


Democracy means: “trash the place and take the oil”. Hillary and Barack must be high-fiving, somewhere posh. They will call Donald to congratulate him later.

“The Wall Street Journal has reported that Saudi Arabia supports and is financing Haftar’s campaign.”
*That means the US does so as well. Someone in the GAO has the military hardware receipts that proves it. Our bombs and missiles have Libyan blood on the fragments. Of course it might be hard to identify, for our bombs and missile fragments have Iraqi blood and body parts on them, Afghan, Syrian, Yemeni, Palestinian, most South and Central American nations, with smears from most countries that have enough money to buy bombs, missiles and other hardware from us, or our many agents.
*As long as there is a dictator we’ve put into a country, who will give or sell whatever our MICC and Wall Street wants, to the loss of his/her own people, have we got a deal for them! Especially if they will go to war with a neighboring country that won’t follow our orders.
*I think this once Constitutional Republic has turned into a giant Black Widow spider that has spun a worldwide web. Any nation or people that touches a strand of that web gets sucked dry of the blood, oil, or other things that the spider values. The desiccated carcasses left have no value to it and can just be blown away by the winds.
*The big problem is that the driving force, the “brain” of the spider wants all of the wealth of the world and it wants it now. Some of them have made it plain that if they cannot have it all, they’d rather destroy it than share it with those they have robbed. I survived a number of the devices they would use to destroy it. Many thousands of us did not. I certainly don’t want to see that nightmare repeated with no checks and balances.
*There is no such thing as a “limited” nuclear war.


They must perish if we are to survive.

I see no other options.


The insane neocons (with the long-term bipartisan duopoly support of their neoliberal cousins) effectively have all their eggs in one basket of military supremacy and nuclear supremacy.

The predatory looting class in its unmanaged greed has hollowed out the US economy. The US financial system is primed to fall again, due to decades of neoliberalism and unrestrained looting. US leadership is terrified of the looming loss of “dollar hegemony” and dollar-denominated oil, the last supports for their house of cards. Countries that have moved to price oil in currencies other than the dollar include Iran, Iraq, and Libya, a fact that is not merely co-incidental to those countries suffering invasion, overthrow, sanctions and threats. But now China and Russia are creating global alternative currencies for pricing and trading in oil.

The last “trump” card in the US hand is war, unlimited war, war that they flatter themselves the rest of the world will endlessly acquiesce to, war to cling to “their precious” oil and their fever dream of limitless fossil-fueled growth, profit, and power.

The long string of US war moves in MENA (Middle East / North Africa) have revolved around control of the world’s prime energy supply: Since the US and British installed the Shah in Iran in 1953; Since the Carter Doctrine declared Middle East energy resources to be part of US “national security” in the 1970s; Since Carter and Brzezinski funded the Islamic resistance to the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the late 1970s; Since Bush I followed the destruction of Panama with the “First Gulf War” against Iraq in the early 1990s; Very blatantly since Bush II fronted for the neocon cabal and launched the “Global War on Terror” in 2002; Through wars and sanctions and destabilization and related mayhem and mass murder in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, just to name several prominent recent stages for this escalating US war.

Things are not looking good for peace. There’s a reason (beyond simple budgetary graft and contractor profits) that the US war budget keeps going preposterously higher, year after year. These maniacs plan to win WWIII, they are primed to escalate as far as they need to to avert losing financially or politically, and they think it all makes sense.


You had me right up until WWIII, Webwalk.

Nobody will win in a Third World War. Not even our military hierarchy can believe in such an endeavor.

The People’s biggest problem right now is, not just Trump’s criminality, but that conservatives have populated leadership roles in the Democratic Party structure, and seem to be willing to stall his removal.

Why would they even consider this course of action with the abundance of evidence acquired in Mueller’s report?

Preservation of this two-party debacle more commonly referred to as the Duopoly.

Sorry, I apologize for rambling on.

What do I know?

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Talk about the arrogance of power, preaching lies about Maduro in Venezuela, playing footsie with the bone saw murders, and in general wreaking havoc around the world. In the meantime the Ukraine elected a professional comedian with little or no experience, a person the people felt superior to Vickie Nuland’s Yats successor. Ukraine is an economic basket case. And so it goes, and goes, and…


Best case scenario, they’re just playing “chicken” with World War, and don’t intend for the game to get out of hand. But they still plan to win… which is what makes it “chicken.” And with the US position so weak if you take away military and dollar hegemony, they should not be playing chicken, with no face-saving way out.

That’s not a great “best case.” Real best case is “we the people” get our collective act together, and act in unified solidarity to stop the war machine and take care of people and ecology. But “we” don’t have our act together, in so many ways bamboozled by systemic manipulation and propaganda, and susceptible to petty division and our own egos.

We need to build unity around common understandings so we can act together to end war. Now’s the time the time is now.

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Gaddafi was overthrown by the evil force known as the love of money. He worked on real solutions for Libyans and, more broadly, other Africans. While I detest the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., I do remember that the option (for which I held my nose and voted “for”) also made me wretch:

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