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Trump's Christmas Gift to Himself: Study Reveals Every Way President Benefits From GOP Tax Bill

Trump's Christmas Gift to Himself: Study Reveals Every Way President Benefits From GOP Tax Bill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Americans for Tax Fairness found that Trump could save "at least $11 million a year and perhaps as much as $22 million" from GOP tax plan he just signed

“SUNSET” … hmmmm, howsabout we apply the ‘sunset’ action to some of theelements of the offal office and perhaps some appointments.

How many judges did lil donny appoint?

I do hope the armed forces and police forces take a good solid look at the ‘duty to allow’ the PEOPLE (read: your brothers and sisters and children and parents) to revolt peacefully in light of the travesty being fomented in War shington.

I’d encourage folks to make this call to forces the next essential ‘meme’.


From the pathological SB Liar-In-Chief’s lips: "“This is going to cost me a fortune, this thing—believe me,” Trump said, “Believe me, this is not good for me. Me, it’s not—so‚ I have some very wealthy friends, not so happy with me, but that’s okay.”

Freakin POS needs to pay for his crimes and countless lies…

It is our current monetary system that we have to abandon.
Trump has stuck his little thingy in people’s faces to generate this thing we today call wealth. The culture that values one upmanship over truth is what supports our monetary system.

divest and ween.
agree on truth as the only value.

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Trump…“Now that people see how much money I’m saving, maybe they will finally believe me when I said I would make America great again”.

I sincerely hope Trump chokes to death on the next Big Mac he has.

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He and his buddy’s have robbed the Bank. All the loot is going into their pockets. The stock market is roaring into insanity and 1/2 of the country cannot by a pizza on friday night while they watch a rented movie at home.

Be afraid, very afraid. That stock market is going to crash. It will be a deep crash, a global crash. Stock up on food, get ready to have move-in’s in your home and learn to love one another. This sugar high is going to burn itself out and the bring down will hurt. Painfully so.


I just read a great New York Times article about Trump making over a billion dollars with this Republican tax bill, and that is what this is all about. Trump could accurately be described as a narcissistic sociopath. The three words defining his personality are I, me, mine. The Republicans in congress are in the same exploiting role as Trump.

What needs to be done by the American people? We need a huge backlash against the Republicans in the 2018 national elections for congress candidates. Then in 2020 backlash Trump out of office when he tries for re election for a second term.

Here is the huge issue that needs our focus. The 2016 election had the lowest voter turn out in 70 years. If we do that again in the next two elections, things will only get much worse. Democrats need to rise above the “duopoly” level of matching the Republicans for selling out to the millionaires and billionaires. Democrats need to follow the leadership of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. We desperately need a voice for the non millionaires in this country in contrast to the prostitution of the Republican Party to the rich and super rich…

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I’d be waiting a long time for a customer, if I had a pitchfork and torch stand.

Yes, but you have to agree that the fact that the democrats fool soooooo many good and well meaning prople they do a great job at being the fake opposition party!

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Yep, no doubt about, becoming POTUS was the best business decision Trump ever made!

It’s too bad that the majority of people who have come to the conclusion that the republicans have to go will also conclude that there is nothing else to do but vote for whoever the democrat is on the ticket.
Voting for someone because you think they are better than nothing will not turn this country around.
99% of democrats will run with the slogan “Vote for me, I’m not a republican”.
I changed my registration to Democrat in the Oregon primary to vote for Bernie. I did not take his advice to vote for Clinton. If Bernie runs again, he will have to run as an independent, or democratic socialist for me to vote for him again.


The Democrats are extremely deceptive.

My wife’s whole family voted for Clinton and some got so mad at us for refusing to vote for her, well, let’s just say, I was beginning to wonder if I was still in the United States of America where you were entitled to vote for who you believed would do the best for America.

The Duopoly lives to keep us divided. That insures their survival.

Why can we see this and the masses cannot?

From 1969 to 1974, I worked towards bringing about an end to the Vietnam War. I believed in a Peaceful World then, and now as I approach 70, I absolutely refuse to support the Warmongers that keep our nation in a constant state of hatred.

The Duopoly will never admit it, but Hatred is their best friend.

Hatred breeds disagreement, and disagreement breeds conflict, conflict becomes War, War becomes Death and Human Suffering.

And for what?

Land, resources, control. And lots of money.

Killing and lack of respect for life itself is the end result of allowing the Duopoly to persevere in the United States.

Why can we see this, and the masses cannot?


PonyBoy: Whoa!!! The article is about Trump and you took a bypass around the article to attack Democrats and use the favorite Republican word when they can’t win in a debate about Trump - we have a DUOPOLY. And that means a false equivalency between the two parties, not because that is real but because no Republicans can defend Trump and win a discussion in 2017. He is not just a bad president, he is horrific. No equivalency at all!!!

And that is not to let the Democrats off of the hook. We are in this position because they ran Hillary for president, and INSIDER Democrat and therefore she couldn’t generate the support from the American people. But I am not ignoring Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren of the Democratic Party. There are NO Republican equivalencies of them at all.

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True, but that paradigm is nothing new and goes back to at least the Roman empire.

Oderint Dum Mutant. Let them hate provided they fear.

mountain –

You don’t seem to understand that the reason they are able to do these things
is because YOU have no leverage over our “elected” officials.
They have no fear of voters because our elections are rigged, totally.
Those who recognized this long ago and those who recognize it now have dropped
out and more will be doing so.

We’ve been voting for 50 years now on hack-able electronic computers. (1967)
And MSM got the large computers in '65 which allowed them vast new powers to
call elections - winners and losers – based on 1% or even 0% of the vote.
Prior to that time, MSM was only permitted to report votes actually tallied.

See: Votescam – The Stealing of America
You can read the book there free –

Further, Americans have to understand that we defeated Germany but not fascism.
The Elites – here and internationally – who recruited Hitler and funded Hitler/Nazis
were preparing two years before the end of WWII for the rise of the Fourth Reich.
Nazi higher up’s were visiting our Pentagon arranging terms.
The Council on Foreign Relations was pushing for a new intelligence service to
replace the OSS and drafts of new programs to allow for the rise of the Fourth Reich
were being written.
See: Operation Mockingbird, Paperclip (200,000 ex-Nazis), Gladio
See: CIA MKULTRA - the records for Monarch were ordered destroyed by Dir.
Richard Helms as he retired.
See: Kay Griggs/YouTube

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A toothbrush up his ass–to the North–to–the–East–to the South–to the West–it’s all for for the best.

I am so sick of these ruthless, cruel, racist/misogynist, greedy, immoral, unethical, incompetent moron losers in our White House I could puke 24/7.

The tax bill was attacked by the Democrats as hurting the middle class while benefiting the rich. The bill gives small reductions in taxes to most middle class and poor people. Additionally, some big corporations are giving bonuses to their employers to convince them that the tax bill is good for them because it will increase their earnings, not just reduce their tax burden. These crumbs to the non-wealthy haven’t been recognized as such by the Democrats. In the upcoming elections, millions of Americans could be persuaded to vote Republican by those deceptions.

Why do I call them deceptions? Because the real purpose of the tax bill was to widen the income disparity in this country. Trump and his financial supporters, as well as elected Democrats and their fat-cat supporters, will benefit financially far more than the vast majority of Americans. Helping the middle class, as Trump said he wanted to do, could have been accomplished by simply lowering the tax rates for them and leaving the rates for the wealthy where they were. I’ve not heard any Democrat politicians saying that.

Either the Democrats failed to understand what’s really going on, or the wealthy donors who keep them in office persuaded them not to stress that the Republican bill will greatly increase inequality. Those of us who understand these things must work hard to point them out and enact laws to keep big money out of political campaigns. Otherwise, the duopoly will maintain the level of inequality in this country, and even make it worse.

We have the leverage of voting. I have been voting for decades. But I start thinking I have no leverage is when I vote against Trump and everyone I know voted against Trump, then Trump gets elected by way of a corrupt Electoral College System where electors did not represent the majority of voters in their districts and voted for Trump. Clinton got more than 2 million more votes directly from the American people but lost to an asinine con artist sociopath Donald Trump. We voted for someone whose mind set was “I-me-mine.”

I would have much preferred a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren had won the presidency.