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Trump's Civil War


Trump's Civil War

Robert Reich

Trump’s unwillingness to denounce the white supremacists who came to Charlottesville last weekend bent on violence has been part of his political strategy from the start.

Remember, weeks after he began his campaign by alleging that Mexican immigrants were criminals and rapists, two brothers in Boston beat up and urinated on a 58-year-old homeless Mexican national, subsequently telling police “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.”


“The strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone.”

― Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People


We’re playing right into his hands - just the way he wants it.

Get off this theme - its as old as the U S of A.

I want articles on the environment.


Creating a civil war is a sure way to destroy the environment. It gives fascists all the excuses they need to suspend regulations and laws benefiting the 99% and environment, allegedly to save the nation.


Look - there are many ways to destroy the environment - and we are pursuing all of them as far as I can see.

There have been slaves since mankind was born - and wars.

But there have never been too many people - we have never been there until we hit say five billion.

This is the only economics you have to know - the carrying capacity of your world.

Al Gore has a new book out - discuss it.

There is a new book out on the five mass extinctions in the Phanerozoic - demonstrating that in all probability they were essentially greenhouse mass extinctions - and that’s what we are manufacturing today - a greenhouse mass extinction.

Let’s get with the program, and do what we can.

No one is going to get rid of the Trumps of the world - there will always be another.

But there is only one known habitable planet - and we are on it.

Let’s see if we can find on Earth - some semblance of intelligent life - because I haven’t seen much of it lately.

Maybe Kurzweil is right - we should merge with AI - having demonstrated a complete inability to sustain life here on Earth up to this point.

Focus - on what is important !


I don’t think there is only one agenda behind this. Many white supremacists want their own country. They are therefore trying to break up the United States into two or more countries with at least one only for white people (no Jews of course). Others appear to want the entire US to be some sort of apartheid state with whites being dominant. For some the old Civil War never really ended and they still see the North as the enemy. Much of this movement is based on lies spread on conservative talk radio, conservative TV, and now the internet. Trump has now taken the spreading lies into the White House. Once lying becomes an acceptable method of achieving a goal democracy is in big trouble.


This article from Counterpunch makes a convincing case that he is beconing increasingly demented in the real clinical meaning of the word, I hope they have their restraint jacket ready because he’s a big guy and won’t go easy unless they trick him some kind of way.


He is losing it and in doing so is losing support from everyone but Mad Dog the Secretary of Defense and Steve Bannon. They will have to Article 25 him outa there soon. I think Christian Mike, who still publicly says he’s backing The Donald’s play all the way, but I hope the Deep Statesen are briefing him privately, getting things ready,. I think maybe someone was able to quietly clue North Korean Li’l Kim in how dire the situation in the White House is which is maybe why he put a hold on his mad scheme to lob a couple missiles at Guam to try to taunt Trump into striking the first nuclear blow so China would come in and do the follow up final solution.

Another article from the same Counterpunch gives a detailed and comprehensive history of Korea which, after reading, made me feel I had a better understanding of why the North Korean people support Kid Kim and feel safer with a ruler who will build nukes and threaten with them convincingly.



Don’t argue ‘overpopulation’ when industrial abuse is the more pertinent source of detrimental impact to the natural environment and human civilization. The overpopulation argument feeds rightwing methods of dealing with it, ie, Civil War worldwide leading to WWIII - the ‘final solution’ crowning Trump its world leader who’ll snarl at cremated victims, “You’re fired.”


One: I’ll argue as I see fit.

Two: It is easy to control population growth - we’ve been doing it for at least two hundred thousand years - without governments - without “industrial” methods.

“Civilized” man has lost the ability to think for himself - as I see it.

Group think, which your post demonstrates - is alive and well.


Let his keep Bannon and self destruct. Already he’s showing his true colors. Let him make more racist remarks. In 200 he;'ll hose by a landslide…


ALL of the various occupants of the White House have been lying to the American People for 240 years, some more so than others and some more subtly than others.  What makes Tweetle-Dumb unique is that his lies are more blatant and more easily detected by rational people, and more cleverly aimed at the less educa­ted (whom he claims to love) and less stable (whom he’s counting on to keep him in power).  What differenti­ates him most from his five most recent and increasingly dishonest predecessors is that he’s lying mainly to achieve personal wealth and power as opposed to being a front man for other oiligarchs and pollutocrats.


Wait a minute. Last week’s news “sound bites” were all about North Korea. Now, we barely hear a peep about that because we’ve moved to the “statue” . Appalling on all fronts. Sorry for the person who got killed, and all the others who were injured in Charlottesville.



Thanks for that - very enjoyable !!


The NY Times documented Trump’s lies in public on a daily basis. I don’t believe any former president comes close to him when it comes to lies. And no president has lied when the lies were so easy to disprove. There was a recording fom radio of Trump saying he was for invading Iraq and even after the tape was played he denied saying it. Of course there his inauguration when photos clearly showed his crowd size was much smaller than Obama’s but he still claimed his crowd was bigger. Trump’s whole campaign was based on lies. None of the presidents were front men for anybody. That is a typical conspiracy theory. They were all there own persons. Although obviously influenced by outside forces and the need to raise money and get votes. In short they all were politicians. I think in addition to wanting more wealth and power I think Trump is for a white nationalist country. He is a racist and would probably prefer that type of country.


The best tactic I’ve heard so far for dealing with the KKK et al. has been the outing and blacklisting. Someone mentioned on DemocracyNow that Twitter could suspend Trump’s account for violation of ToS.

Any other ideas for blacklisting him? The assertion of sanctuary cities might be another example. Wasn’t there also a “shadow cabinet” that we haven’t heard from since it formed? Maybe banning Trump and his buddies from speaking engagements, though outside of a campaign, I’m not sure what that does.

He has certainly blacklisted people he doesn’t like, from immigrants to threatening to defund states where he lost the election.


Oh, I like that - twitter suspending his account. Nature Boy is always talking about direct democracy and here we have an opportunity ready made to have a direct democratic action. Petition twitter to censure/suspend Donald Trump. As they say on Star Trek - “Lets’ see what’s out there!”


Fine, argue as you see it. I won’t reply other than to disagree with your follow-up arguments. If you think I’m in some group think mindset, that’s unfair too and not at all obvious. Overall, I liked your first post. You can if you want just think about the concept chill dude. I recommend Claude Debussy “Claire du lune” for six minutes of relax. Works every time.


Question 1: While the traitorous media keeps pushing us against each other instead of filling their intended role as watch dogs against government oppression: Who profits when we are kept fighting each other. Those are our real enemies people.

Question 2: Why is the media and the Left focusing on Trump’s less than stellar eloquence and twisting everything he says into some unpardonable interpretation, instead of his policies.