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Trump's Climate Crimes Are His Most Impeachable Offenses

Hi Ditton:
YES! And even more sad is that many still believe that," ignorance is bliss." : (

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It was the family history page but the climate emergency pages are important too. You seem to have a grasp on what or quote founding documents mean in spirit and it is the spirit that is most important.

While 100% true that Trump pulling out of the Paris accord is not a good thing, his current trade war with China, however, has ironically slowed the use of fossil fuels in both the U.S. and China.
On the other hand if we had a free enterprise individual in office with some new free trade agreements, we would then in all likelihood be burning even more fossil fuels.

If impeaching Trump on the basis of climate issue won’t work there are plenty other crimes that could:

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I’d take it another step further and claim: “Climate Crisis Denial is Genocide” and therefore a climate crime. Future generations will suffer immeasurably because of the regressive actions of His Malignancy and his enablers. It’s not enough just for history to codemn these people for their crimes, they must be held accountable now.

If mankind/carbon emission climate change is genuine, would someone explain to me why the big banks, big money and yes even the oil companies are pushing the global warming narrative?
https://www.technocracy.news/follow-the-money-the-deep-state-of-climate-change/ Why is it that whatever solution is offered somehow involves shifting huge amounts of tax money into the hands of corrupt government?