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Trump's Continued Silence on Minn. Mosque Attack 'An Outrage,' Says Rep. Ellison


Trump's Continued Silence on Minn. Mosque Attack 'An Outrage,' Says Rep. Ellison

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump's continued silence following the recent bombing of a mosque in a Minneapolis suburb "is an outrage," Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said Wednesday.


Trump’s SILENCE???
Not “an outrage”, but a Blueprint!


Ah, but DJT has to remain silent on the Minnesota travesty because to speak out against the violence would offend his ignorant, racist, xenophobic base, dontcha know. To expect any compassion exhibited toward non-whites and non-Christians from this demonic despot is a practice in futility…never happen. And, yes, his behavior continues to be OUTRAGEOUS!


What is there to say except that this just adds more support to the contention that the a$$hole in chief is a prejudiced tyrant who is a serious danger to what little democracy there is left in the USA.


Exactly. I think don’t think any president has focused as much on maintaining his base as Trump. I would assume this is at least partly attributable to the advice he is getting from Steve Bannon his chief political strategist and apparently a believer in the politics of fear and hate. I believe Trump’s political strategy for 2020 if he runs is to focus on pleasing his base as much as possible and prevent as many other voters from voting has he can. He clearly doesn’t have the majority of the country on his side but with combination of aggressive voter repression and voter apathy (he is probably turning many people off to politics) he actually could win again. Let’s hope he is impeached and out of office before 2020 or at least loses in the Republican primary in 2020. It would seem very unlikely that the Republican establishment would not try to defeat him in a primary, particularly if he remains so unpopular with most the country. .


It’s unfortunate yet is an eventual byproduct. What else should we expect considering the history and the written teaching of the phuedo religion called Islam? Uncomfortably is a two way street.


Even the fool will be considered wise if he keeps his mouth shut. I find no fault in considered silence.


We are wasting time speculating about why the POTUS doesn’t condemn such assaults.

We know why. Because he and his cabal inhabit a reality in which their “freedom” is under constant threat from the forces of darkness. Who appear to them quite literally as people with skin darker than their own. And women who want to be something other than service robots. And anyone else who experiences reality differently than they.

These dudes really feel like they are servants of the light, messengers of God, divinely commanded to save all His other servants from annihilation.

Their past and present behaviors all become quite rational once one accepts that these are a logical expression of their perception of Life.

And their future behaviors are predictable.

Those who see themselves as messengers of the Divine are unlikely to be constrained by human law.

No one should expect this cabal to be trumped by legislative action (even if it were reasonable to expect timely and appropriate action from Congress–which it isn’t).

If you’re still convincing yourself that it will be stopped by any such “usual and customary” procedures, you are yourself living in denial of a critical component of reality. You oppose the regime, but unconsciously feed it.

For using the cognitive mind to deny or minimize the true magnitude of our current situation–using the mind to turn down the terror, rage, grief and pain that come with living in Truth–is the collective habit that empowers manipulative demagogues.

It always has–across cultures.

Those who refuse to learn from history at this point are doomed to experience the end of it…


I guess it is time to cross-post. Please forgive me:

"People of all faiths, all ages and all races came together Tuesday evening at the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington to show their support and denounce the destruction wrought from an explosive hurled into an imam’s office Saturday morning.

The crowd of at least 1,000 people gathered on the back lawn of the mosque and listened to more than 20 speakers — imams, priests, rabbis and lay people. They all shared the same message: We are all one Minnesota. We will not let hate win." -Pet Pheifer, Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter, August 9, 2017.

Governor Dayton called it a terrorist attack, saying if things were reversed, everyone would call it that. Still… NO WORD FROM TRUMP.

I wish I could cite the source, but I heard either on the radio or TV news on Tuesday that Trump had reportedly said maybe it was the Left who did the bombing. (!)

The FBI is investigating. Their bomb experts are skilled in finding pieces and determining where bomb parts came from and who put them together.