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Trump's Covid-19 Testing Czar Warns of 'Draconian Measures' to Come If Americans Don't Mask Up

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/29/trumps-covid-19-testing-czar-warns-draconian-measures-come-if-americans-dont-mask


The same is happening all over Europe. France is going into lockdown for a month; Southern Ireland is in a 6 week lockdown; Barcelona has closed its borders to neighbouring provinces; UK considering lockdown; Italy; Belgium; et al. As for a safe vaccine.

A useful tool/guideline:



So, draconian measures while the politicians can’t be bothered to help people, businesses, local and state governments deal with this. What a system!


Yes. Right-hand government is perfectly acceptable – even encouraged – by the GOP-DNC junta, but anything coming remotely from the left hand of government is absolutely forbidden.

What do ya suppose ol’ rumpface will do when he finally recognizes the authoritarian utilities of viral pandemics? Why, he’s gonna go full dictator and use the pretext of a viral pandemic to order full Marshall law.

If, by hook or by crook, rumpface “wins” reelection next week, we can expect him to make a full 180 switch on the covid issue during the early part of 2021.

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We’re far enough into USA’s outbreak – 6 1/2 weeks since the outset of a national third surge (according to CDC stats) – that significant differences appear in the distribution of this siege among the states, most probably reflecting better luck among states with better behavior, and the converse. That’s why I’ve compiled the following ranking, based on the state-outbreak’s trajectory since the third surge began, and crucially on Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity reading: to focus attention on the worst performing states.


Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity is key, but also volatile. States are ranked based on current positivity factored with “surge growth” since September 12 & with “immediate mortality” – the ratio of 7-day averages for deaths and cases (from CDC).

>                        JH      surge growth   immed
>                    positivity   since 9/12  mortality
>                        %            %           %
>  1. Wyoming           55.2        800.0        0.61
>  2. South Dakota      46.2        449.3        0.70
>  3. Idaho             35.6        363.5        0.80
>  4. Wisconsin         27.7        387.0        0.81
>  5. Montana           14.4        694.4        0.93
>  6. New Mexico         8.9        839.1        0.68
>  7. Kansas            27.6        239.8        0.65
>  8. Iowa              28.7        227.9        0.97
>  9. Utah              18.6        338.2        0.26
> 10. Nebraska          22.0        270.8        0.79
> 11. Alabama           28.2        206.0        0.64
> 12. Nevada            18.9        258.5        0.52
> 13. Colorado           6.6        592.0        0.43
> 14. North Dakota      11.1        312.2        1.04
> 15. Pennsylvania      12.4        277.4        1.07
> 16. Alaska             7.5        468.4        0.00
> 17. Arizona            9.8        277.7        0.68
> 18. Minnesota          7.4        345.1        0.82
> 19. Mississippi       13.8        184.5        1.40
> 20. Indiana            8.0        298.5        1.21
> 21. Tennessee          9.5        215.3        1.45
> 22. Illinois           6.9        294.3        0.80
> 23. Kentucky           9.0        221.7        0.73
> 24. Michigan           5.5        307.9        1.01
> 25. Missouri          10.8        154.1        1.63
> 26. Texas              9.0        184.9        1.21
> 27. Arkansas          10.0        157.2        1.69
> 28. New Jersey         3.8        377.3        0.79
> 29. Oregon             6.8        214.6        1.26
> 30. Ohio               5.7        255.6        0.61
> 31. Rhode Island       3.0        428.7        0.74
> 32. North Carolina     6.7        196.1        1.35
> 33. Connecticut        2.6        443.8        0.82
> 34. Oklahoma           8.5        154.4        0.92
> 35. Vermont            2.3        525.0        0.00
> 36. Massachusetts      1.6        332.0        1.85
> 37. Washington         4.4        184.4        1.29
> 38. South Carolina     5.9        125.5        2.36
> 39. West Virginia      4.4        188.6        0.90
> 40. Florida            5.0        157.0        1.30
> 41. Delaware           7.6        107.0        1.63
> 42. Virginia           6.1        117.3        1.39
> 43. Georgia            7.2         99.3        1.49
> 44. New Hampshire      1.7        321.9        0.97
> 45. Louisiana          4.4         99.0        2.09
> 46. California         3.3        134.1        1.45
> 47. New York           1.4        267.0        0.71
> 48. Maryland           2.7        135.4        1.04
> 49. D.C.               1.6        152.3        0.00
> 50. Hawaii             2.1         65.7        1.09
> 51. Maine              0.8        232.0        0.00

For reference: WHO considers test-positivity over 5% (exactly where Florida sits: on the bubble in 40th place) to be out of control. As to surge growth since 9/12, only Hawaii has declined, at this writing.


Add Adm. Brett Giroir to the short list of courageous people who have stood up to tell the truth in direct contradiction of the lying, sociopathic would-be Fuhrer, who claims he has ended the pandemic.
It appears to me that Trump could well be a foreign agent acting in a conspiracy to use a bioweapon against the United States.
If he is not, then he is “unwittingly” acting exactly like that level of traitorous saboteur, a murderer of his own country.
Just as bad, the Trump cult refuse to wear masks, and they’re super-spreaders.
I view them the way Woody Harrelson views the zombies in Zombieland.

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At least we don’t have to listen to absurd tax cut proposals for a while.
I would like to hear suggestions on what to say to unmasked people without starting a fight.
Case in point. Yesterday my better half went to Kwik Trip for a couple of essentials.
There are “Mask Required” signs on all doors. The guy in front of my better half did not have on a mask and she questioned him. He scowled at her, her words, and stomped off.
It’s like our speeding problem on our local interstate. The state patrol sits in their cars and watch the speeders fly by and do little to nothing.


Many of us have put trump on the “might be a traitor” list a few years ago already.
Regardless of the level of supposed Russian influence.
Hard to tell if the virus was something intentional. We would have to be able to sort truth from fiction to really know.

Maybe the good Adm wants a job when his current boss is given the pink slip and also does not receive a “Get out of jail free” card?

As the old ‘Fram Oil Filter’ commercial used to say, ‘pay me now or pay me later.’ Pay me now was back in January, February. The lesson is always harder and of course more costly when it comes later.

You take an imbecile like drumpf, he’s been a fuck up his whole life and it’s only because of his daddies money that he has what he has. 5 to 7 bankruptcies, but who’s counting. There’s no way this idiot took his own SAT exams or graduated college without cheating. He’s been accused of raping a number of women including a teen and his own first wife. HE HAS ONLY ONE OBJECTIVE IN LIFE, HIMSELF! He’s a total failure who has a history of running away when the going gets tough. Now you can discuss why, a fucked up father and mother, but that doesn’t change this situation.

fyi, ~https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/message-of-hope-for-humanity/

Sounds like a medical version of economic austerity, or something

It is just unbearable to see what is going on with you guys. And Europe too. I look on in horror from my place of relative safety. Please keep safe. I hope the election will actually mean something better is ahead. Although I have no illusions about the Democrats, still just to get the science denialisms out of the White House will be a positive emotional and mental shift. We all need and deserve that.


Don’t say anything. Keep a spare mask on your person and offer it to them politely.
I keep plastic bags handy for people i see not picking up their dogs’ poo.
(But then, i’m not living in a society with gun-toting, maskless imbeciles) You must use your own discretion and bravery. :))


So what’s it like up there on the moon?

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Trickle down, dontcha know?!

The Playbook continues:

  1. Mandatory Mask wearing.
  2. Immunity Cards and Passes.
  3. Mandatory Forced Vaccines. (Big pharma immune from lawsuits; they have been vaccinated)
  4. Martial Law.
  5. Forced removals if positive.
    What else have I missed?

Better alternatives:

  1. Expand access to healthcare for all… legal or “illegal”.
  2. Expand Plant herbal anti-viral medicines.
  3. Improve access to food & clean water to all people… this will strengthen people’s immune systems, or so I am told.
    4… Use bailout money not for corporations but for the common good of people…what an idea?

It’s gotten to the point at which the Assinine Militias will take ANY encouragement to mean it’s time for the ATTACK. This includes any “threat” (they’ll see it as) of enforcing pandemic safety requirements.

America is now an ARMED camp of Militias, just waiting for the go signal. And they are likely to take ANY signal as a go signal.

Thank you. That’s helpful.

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As we approach voting day I have to say that I continue to be miffed at the support trump is getting. Like nearly half of the voting public.
Trump was very bad news imo, in the run up to the 2016 election.
Deplorable to vote for. He is ten times worse than he started out to be yet he still hangs on to half of the voters. I am perplexed.

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Its a pretext to create a police state.

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