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Trump's Cruel Indifference to Puerto Rico

Trump's Cruel Indifference to Puerto Rico

A damaged Puerto Rican flag spray-painted with the words "Together as One" hangs from the facade of a business in San Juan.
Sonali Kolhatkar

The island epitomizes American disaster capitalism, including Trump, who cost Puerto Rican taxpayers $32.6 million, after his company bankrupted a failing golf course.


We know not to expect once ounce of compassion from Trump. He’s not capable of thinking of anyone else besides himself. Nothing new about that.


I wonder at the fact that his base is still solidly behind him. It says as much about them as him.

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“Much of the island was destroyed, with billions of dollars owed to Wall Street and the banks, which, sadly, must be dealt with,” …YOU are going to be the one dealt with clown!! You are going down…and btw fuck off clown!!! This WILL NOT STAND, MF!!

The US government continues to treat Puerto Rico as a territory that it can continue to ravage financially and continue to not provide help like it does for its mainline population. It is just like the worst form of colonization. I know making Puerto Rico a state caries lot’s of political baggage like they would be allowed to vote. But if we can’t do what is right for them as a state just give the territory rights similar to a state. What is the argument against doing that? The right to vote is important but is immaterial to the other colonial abuses.