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Trump's Crusade Against Women Goes Global


Trump's Crusade Against Women Goes Global

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Before he became president, Donald Trump described himself as pro-choice. Now, he can’t do enough to deny women control of their own bodies. Marching in lockstep with Vice President Mike Pence and some of the most anti-choice members of his right-wing coalition, Trump has gone global in his crusade, watering down a United Nations Security Council resolution aimed at stopping rape and sexual violence in war. His acting U.N.


I know we all have or had mothers, but do you have a wife, sister, daughter? If so, this concerns you too.


fern, this is another schizophrenic face of fascism. A confluence of perverted morality and no morality. Any person with a shred of decency would condemn this emphatically.


Well said eyewitness.