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Trump's Cynical and Deeply Dangerous Reelection Ploy: Sow Chaos in US Cities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/20/trumps-cynical-and-deeply-dangerous-reelection-ploy-sow-chaos-us-cities


Toxic Trump cannot stand up to Captain Portland, nor to mothers who have come from the suburbs to put a stop to this bullshit, nor to Naked Athena, a woman who is well beyond any price he could afford–dignity and bravery–and in his cowardly minuscule soul he knows this. I shout “Schadenfreude” as he shrinks further into defeat.


His actions are now leading to his defeat, daily.

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Now that they have destroyed property and blamed it on antifa the way Hitler burned the Reichstag and blamed it on communists, Trump, Moscow Mitch, and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP will erect statues in US cities of George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Evan Mechem and other fascist racists.


Trump Desperation smells a lot like Trump Triumph.
Like a pile of dog shit, only worse.


Every single vet, whether left or right wing, should be outraged by the shameful treatment foisted on one of their own by der trump’s goons. This should (I can only hope) backfire,


Perhaps Juan Cole is correct, but I doubt it. There’s bigger game afoot, as Winship notes elsewhere on CD, in “Why the Federal Cops in Portland Are All About Election Day.”

Sending masked and anonymous federal “agents,” in whatever sense that may or may not be what these are, will garner no support for government, for white people, for Trump, or what-have-you. While politicians get clueless all the time, this one is fairly obvious, and likely more or less as obvious to Trump’s public relations staff as it is to you or I.

What could likely be done, though this is purely hypothetical and a big reach, would be to test the militarization of the police and the public response to that through the Covid epidemic, allow or encourage some vital anti-authoritarian protests under mass surveillance to identify activists, introduce really draconian measures–like this one in Portland particularly, since it appears so random from the point of view of law enforcement.

And then, in November, a stage is set–hypothetically, again. One candidate wins, cleanly or otherwise, so the other loses. The loser claims victory,

I doubt that oligarchs move these people like chess pieces. Surely the matter is far more like riding a horse and far less like steering a car than all that, and surely internecine conflicts require consideration. But if I had to bet that someone would declare victory and a state of “temporary” martial law, disband or take over Congress, and leave behind the Republic for empire, I’d pick whoever is playing Joe Biden’s hand, and at this point, given allies in the military and law enforcement that I am in no position to know about closely, I might be playing the hand with quite a lot of confidence.

And were I to picture anyone who might take a buy-off as fall guy and laugh at the ongoing nature of his legacy, I’d say it was Donald Trump, who has made a career out of playing this sort of character since at least the 1980s.

Again, this is not something that I would qualify as a prediction. But I would be more confident of its not happening were others less so. Signs have been so suggestive.

Of course, none of this further control would be necessary were one not planning some thing really violent or unpleasant. Of course, neither would universal surveillance, Net censorship, the persecution of whistleblowers, or the imprisonment and torture of Julian Assange.

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sadly, our community of vets is no less polarized than the civilian one, and the bulk of veterans are, like their civilian counterparts, disgusted with both parties equally.

the trump nuts ain’t going to budge over anything–not even another vet. We’re used to fighting each other between the right and everyone else anyway.