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Trump's Daily Dog and Pony Show Is Getting More Dangerous by the Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/24/trumps-daily-dog-and-pony-show-getting-more-dangerous-day


“Trump combines in himself the worst dimensions of plutocracy and looniness, and the American people will rue the day they decided to give him the levers of power for the whole country.”

His base is still fixated upon him. Perhaps it has been eroded at the edges, but the core will dig in as they have tied their identities to Trump and won’t loosen the knots for anything resembling reason, for which they do not see–no, they are faith based and they have faith in Trump. What I see unfolding reminds me of Herman Melville’s last novel, The Confidence-Man, which describes such a person working on a steamboat floating down the Mississippi towards New Orleans while abusing the more-or-less captive passengers (victims) along the way. The last chapter is titled “An Increase in Seriousness”, which is where I believe we are today. [For you readers out there, it is in my opinion Melville’s best work, but a difficult read. It was written to critique the critics who panned Moby Dick.]


The media really needs to stop giving this ASSHOLE a platform, just ignore his stupid ass, he says nothing but shit anyway and we could all do just fine without it. Muzzle this mutt or take it in to be PUT DOWN!


To gain more perspective of what normal, intelligent people are up against, I suggest Googling “Jordan Klepper Trump rally greatest hits” and watch the video. As for the republicans, it comes as no surprise that they would be willing to kill millions of Americans for a buck. And, if you watch the video, I believe that these people would gladly sacrifice their lives unwittingly (because they have no wits or a molecule of common sense) only because Trump tells them to. We have NEVER faced a threat to this country as dire as Trump and the republican party. They are willing to kill me and you and anybody to maintain the mass transfer of our collective wealth into the hands of the few. I do not know how much time I have left on this earth. I am in my seventieth year, but I’ll be damned if I sacrifice my life at Trump’s command.


You speak wisdom. Google “Jordan Klepper Trump rally greatest hits” and see for yourself the depth of malignant ignorance and sheer stupidity that gathers at a Trump rally. If you have not seen this, it is both funny and terrifying at the same time.


I am concerned about the alleged news that Kushner’s firm is looking to produce the covid-19 test. Where does that information comes from. If true it really needs to get out there for the public to know. It’s outrageous. Thanks for this article Professor Cole.


Google “Kushner virus test”. The reports relate to a company called Oscar, perhaps owned by Kushner’s brother Joshua, which is supposedly developing a web site to direct people to drive-through testing.


“The American people will rue the day they gave Trump the reigns of power”…NOT.

Knowingly or not Trump’s voters joined a cult when they voted for him, with cult dynamics on full display ever since. Historically, very few cult members ever leave a cult, so few Trump voters will ever “rue the day” while the rest of us realized that the kleptocracy was fully in charge on 1/20/17.


the American people will rue the day"

At least half of them are too stupid, oblivious, ignorant and brainwashed that they will not rue it at all. Think Jim Jones and Jonestown, fueled by Rupert Murdoch and the military.


Thank you for the book recommendation. That sounds interesting.


Evolution at work in real time. The US of Abuse, right out of the gate, stated it was the most exceptional government in the history of the world. And people believed it. And continue to believe it. Con men went to the poorest parts of Europe, telling the folks that there was a land where the streets were paved with gold. And they believed them. Even built the four-stacker ocean liners as a propaganda method, stating these were the safest and finest ships ever built, perfect for taking then to the Shining City on the HIll.(We all sort of know what happened to three of them) Linked to the exceptionalism was hyper individualism. A person could do anything they wanted without being told not to. They could pour their shit into creeks, they could mine gold and coal without caring how they poisoned the land, they could kill off the bison, they could…well, you get the idea. Most of all, they could own slaves and/or pay employees slave wages.
Now we’re at the point where we must learn cooperation and social cohesion for the good of all, not for the one. Alas, it won’t happen. Listen to the exasperation of state and local officials begging people to stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary and not to gather in groups. Yet…I see it, every day, from my apartment where I’ve been self-isolating for week three. Young people in groups. People oblivious to their surroundings and not staying two meters apart. I know what will happen when we get the first truly warm day with temps over 70. The beaches will be filled.
Therefore, evolution does work. Those who fail to cooperate for the common good of the society will die off. Many will say that’s harsh, but life is harsh. Only those who are aware will survive. Trump’s base are his mirror. He tells them what they want to hear, and they approve. Meanwhile…Trudeau is invoking Hammer Time…


From the article: “…the American people will rue the day they decided to give him the levers of power…” Can we remember that 3 million more voters voted for Clinton than Trump? The “American people” as a whole never “gave” this man the presidency. I get the point that many people did vote for Trump who have been and will only be hurt by him, but that was never a majority of American voters, much less the “American people.”

A whole portion of my extended family joined a cult around 50 years ago, called The Children of God, and then The Family. It started out with some beauty–singing “Come on people now, smile on your brother…” while walking down the beach. Then it devolved to pressuring young women and girls in the group to entice new men in with sex, and horrific child abuse, and so on. None of my family have been in it any more for quite some time, and it is kaput, I think. Many died–by suicide, and by criminal negligence or worse by parents who kidnapped (away from another parent) or brought their children in. The generation of the children–about a dozen of my cousins–now lead pretty amazingly recovered lives now as adults, even after the hell they grew up through. The harm still reverberates, but people can free themselves–almost always with some kind of help from someone outside the insanity–of such insanity.

I see Trump loyalists a little bit similarly. Firstly, just to say there are a number of 2016 Trump voters who were not loyalists, who’ll never vote for him again. Those are the 2016 Trump voters who could see at some point after the election–with his putting children in cages, for example–that he is a psychopath or fraud. The Trump loyalists, however, can also change. Humanity fundamentally is capable of change, even people terribly confused and fed poisonous ignorance for a long time. To me, that is an essence of humanity that cannot be erased: we can (and do) change. That doesn’t mean we WILL change in any particular way, just that there is always the possibility.

I’m not saying it’s likely someone who is a Trump supporter/loyalist now will cease to be come November of this year–but with this pandemic, I wouldn’t bet on that.

I guess mainly here I just wanted to point out that even “cult members” can see the light–and that ultimately they are victims of the insanity, too. If they can see their own self-destruction in such blind allegiance, they may start really to reconsider what they’ve been believing.


Christ on a pony, those people are idiots.

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Donald Trump Must Be Removed, Now.

I’m #NotDying4WallStreet.


There were 60+ million that voted for trump. How many of those “saw the light”? Still leaves a lot of idiots out there. Just sayin’.


Thanks for sharing your experience Jonas. It must have been painful to see your family subjected to this.

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the American people will rue the day

Look at the alternative we were offered in 2016, anathema, as the DNC and establishment went all out to deny the nomination to Bernie Sanders. This time they’ve come up with Joe Biden who has so many flaws it’s impossible to count. Does he rally thing that hIs, “I would veto M4A”, especially at this time, will really excite and bring out the vote, for him.

This duopoly fails the people once again.


this website is really fascinating, professional and scary all together - ourworldindata (dot org) /coronavirus. The US has a little over 11,000 new confirmed cases as of today. Your rate of infection is doubling almost every two days. The statistics are updated throughout the day until 4:00 p.m. every day. Globally, there are well over 400,000 cases confirmed. There are probably much more than that but are unconfirmed as of today.

The best way to see all of the charts is to click on the site and scroll down then back up for some reason - maybe my impatience to see it all.

This is worth mentioning and points to a larger problem:

Many people feel like the comparison to the “normal” flu season relegates this Covid19 outbreak to a relatively minor event. They also feel that we are close to seeing that the worst is over – and they may be right, at least I hope so.

What these people are not putting into proper perspective is the reason that Covid19 is being contained to the extent it has been: The willingness of so many, with some glaring exceptions, to practice the social distancing recommended by public health experts. And because that disconnect exists in the minds of so many who can’t/won’t understand that lockdown = containment, they’re going to come away from this experience saying “see, it wasn’t as bad as predicted,” and then they’ll make the next outbreak worse.

“The big cable news networks irresponsibly just turn their screens over to Trump, who spews a litany of falsehoods that endanger people’s lives. Make no mistake, cable news is behaving this way for ratings and entertainment value. Their executives don’t give a fig that Trump is endangering the lives of very large numbers of people.”

Trump and the networks should not enjoy impunity for perpetrating press conferences that imperil the citizenry by showcasing his ignorance on the coronavirus pandemic. They should be prosecuted.

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