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Trump's Decision to Call Off Tariffs Will Be 'Disaster' for Thousands of Immigrants Deported to Mexico, Rights Groups Say

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/08/trumps-decision-call-tariffs-will-be-disaster-thousands-immigrants-deported-mexico

We create chaos by supporting rightist regimes and than deny any responsibility for the refugees it creates. We are disgusting.


A further reading of Trump admin comments notes that Mexico will import (buy?) more corporate Ag products. Two things can be gleaned from this:

It was the flooding of NAFTA big Ag products into Mexico that started the mass exit of indigenous Mexican farm peasants to US.

Big Ag products can be used to feed those held in Trump’s Mexican concentration camps…much like the EU pays Turkey to run their concentration camps holding MENA refugees created by EU and US. Keep them barely alive but don’t let them starve. That would look bad.

Plus big bonus: Mountains of grain are rotting all about the US Midwest for lack of a market due to China sanctions.

Trump, trump. trump heil Hilter, heil Trump.


Trump knows that the immigration crackdown is an absolute electoral winner for him. By next summer, if the econ numbers hold, he can claim prosperity and security for the U.S. It’s all about perception. Nevermind that unemployment numbers and stock market gains haven’t correlated with a surge in wages. Or treating desperate people with such cruelty as a means to provide blame for his disillusioned base. It’s all about re-election. The question remains, what will the dem party offer their supporters? And I don’t mean the donor class and upwardly-mobile suburbanites. I’m talking about the majority of Americans who literally live paycheck to paycheck.


From the following article:
‘The use of tariff threats by the Trump administration to pursue its fascistic anti-immigrant agenda represents an effort by American imperialism to dictate policy to the entire people of Latin America.’


Not just inhumane, but ridiculously uneconomical. American corporations invade, change regimes to right wing dictatorships, exploit the country, kill or imprison thousands, the American taxpayer pays all the costs, then spend more billions excluding the refugees it produced.

It would be cheaper and more productive for the taxpayer to leave these countries alone in the first place and stop being gangsters for capitalism.

They call fascism and corporatocracy, “democracy”. But if its not direct, its not democracy.


Can we all assume this is a rhetorical question?

It depends on who gets the nomination.

Force and fraud.

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Central America needs an immigration council similar to the one in South America, which is pretty good. They too are starting to feel the strain of immigration from Venezuela.

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Question: Would any of these desperate migrants be coming to such a mean spirited nation as the US if this same nation had not interfered in the internal affairs of the nations from which the migrants are leaving?


Trump must be fancying himself as the arch “Indian” hater and owner of many black slaves, Andrew Jackson, appealing to the same white trash and the same class resentment toward the wealthy, irony notwithstanding. Fast forwarding from the 19th C to now, Trump, unlike Jackson, does not have the popular vote however but the corrupt system might just make it possible for him to be re-elected.

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Speak for yourself. Thank you President Trump!

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LOL Please… how many years ago was that? what took them so long to start leaving?. Thank the Democrat activists (who were arrested) in the northern triangle.

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“Trump called off his plan to impose tariffs on all imports from Mexico in exchange for an expansion of his policy deporting asylum-seekers to the country.”

We know that the GOP was against the tarrifs so the only thing that may have occurred is McConnell whispering in the Jackson understudy’s (a terrible one, that is) ear…

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Yes, CD, let’s welcome the new and latest troll!

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The party is officially over, Time to clean up and start deporting those here.

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Having a different opinion is being a troll? that is the Democrat way. Diverse of thought is a sin.

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Interesting, really. You don’t see the irony of this given that this is Indigenous land? That most of these migrants are indigenous?

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I am not a Democrat and trolling is when you join a conversation just to interject divisiveness and deflection. You certainly have the right to your opinion.