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Trump's Diplomatic Strategy for Summit With Kim Jong Un Included 'Batshit Crazy' Fake Movie Trailer

Trump's Diplomatic Strategy for Summit With Kim Jong Un Included 'Batshit Crazy' Fake Movie Trailer

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

President Donald Trump's diplomatic strategy for a high-stakes summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore on Tuesday included a "bonkers movie-trailer/reality-show video" produced by the White House that presents the pair as heroes and which Trump said he played for his North Korean counterpart and several members of his delegati

Un. fricking. believable. I am so embarrassed. “Look at it like a real-estate deal.” And nothing specific in the actual agreement.

Best moment in the video (here’s the WH channel link) is at the turning point, where the missiles back into their silos.

As the Iranians have stated, Trump isn’t going to stick to this agreement either.

The first time statesman Trump appears in the vid, he’s in front of the marble wall at the UN (that he said he’d replace with something classy), giving the speech where he dissed “Little Rocketman”. That sets the tone, and was not likely lost on viewer Kim.

Someday this video will be the basis of someone’s doctoral dissertation.

Team Trump seems to be under some delusion that North Korea will be represented in the electoral college in 2020. It’s an easy mistake to make, as Korea and Dakota each have three syllables.

Not in film school.

Makes perfect sense, a childish video, produced by a child.

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Whatever, if it leads to diplomacy Trump can show Kim all the home movies he wants.

Haha. Indeed. Unless in comparison to such propaganda pieces as Triumph of the Will. Though I was thinking more along the lines of a PhD in abnormal psych. :wink:

What agreement? An agreement requires consideration (i.e. something of value) and a specification of identifiable, enforceable terms. There is no agreement here.

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Okay, now I know the man has lost what few marbles he may have had left. He’s functioning like a 5th grader. I’ll bet Kim was laughing all the way back to the hotel. Dotard indeed.

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Someday this video will be the basis of someone’s doctoral dissertation.

Yeah, I can see that: Title: An examination of the pathology of the United States government making videos with “cool” images as a pathway to negotiatong nuclear disarmament.

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You’re already halfway there. :wink:

Trump of the will…

This video is truly pathetic, it is not even laughable, wonder who paid for it and how much ? his own party should be embarrassed watching it ,

We paid for it.

Talk about living in the Matrix. This is truly one of the strangest things I’ve seen from this administration. A commercial teaser about a real life event. Like an ad for a World-Wide Wrestling smack-down (“Who will come out on top and make wrestling history tonight? FatButt Jones, or YoMomma Bitchboy? Watch tonight at 9 and find out!”) Seriously gave me a jolt - they are turning what should be reality into a reality show.

This thing convinced me the whole Trump-Kim “summit” was nothing at all but a very expensive photo op with no serious intentions behind it at all. How can anyone take the meeting seriously when this sort of propaganda/advertising, for that is what this is, is part of the event? And no need to even get into the details of the ad itself; Trump as the “bringer of light and peace” and the scary idea that all life on the planet is in the hands of these two cretins, whom we are supposed to see as two of the “few humans chosen to shape human destiny” and such shit.

Know what’s even more bizarre? Go to youtube and read the comments under this video. There are quite a few of my fellow Americans who literally worship Trump and want to kill all liberals (“liberals” is defined as anyone who does not agree that Trump is the best president ever and sent to us by God to save our country and the world). These people also follow Q (QAnon), which is some weird-ass conspiracy theory person/group that puts out coded messages to inform those who follow his/their posts of “the truth”.
This whole shit show has become alarmingly unhitched from reality.

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It’s been an unreal shit show since the day he was elected, and it’s going to get a lot worse, the system is broken, with no fix in sight.