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Trump's Dirty Climate Plan Out-of-Step as Most Americans Want Renewables


Trump's Dirty Climate Plan Out-of-Step as Most Americans Want Renewables

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Donald Trump's so-called "America First Energy Plan" may be dedicated to tapping domestic fossil fuel reserves—like fracked gas, oil, and even coal—but it turns out that the majority of Americans would rather see a move towards renewable sources, such as wind and solar.


What utter folly, greed and stupidity.


This guy likes to disrupt. If the world is going renewable energy he is going for fossil fuels. If the US is a democracy he is going to go for a dictatorship. If the world has a climate agreement he is going to leave it. If Russia is an adversary he is going to embrace it. If the US supports NATO he won't. If China and the US agree on a one China policy he will not go along. If US policy is not to declare a war on Islam he will declare a war on Islam. If filling cabinet positions with a lot of women and minorities is the way things are now done he will put in mostly white males. If white supremacists have been marginalized he will bring them into the mainstream. If politicians are expected to talk like politicians he won't. If presidents are supposed to read security briefing reports he won't read them. If presidential candidates are expected to release their tax returns then he won't release his. If presidents are not supposed to know about their investments he will know about his investments. If presidents are supposed to be careful about what they say on international matters he will just blurt things out. His is Trump. He disrupts. That is what he does. That is how he gets his highs. Dopamine hit after dopamine hit. What a rush. Man is he getting the rush of all rushes.


In 2001, Dick Cheney said: Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy. -- Dick Cheney

At the time, Cheney's Energy Information Agency was forecasting the need for a new power plant every month as far as the eye could see.

Fact: Since 2001, energy efficiency avoided the construction of approximately 230 fossil-fuel power plants

Quote from this article:

Fact: Wind energy is now the second cheapest electric energy resource behind energy efficiency, utility scale solar is cheaper than coal and community-based solar is directly comparable to coal. and cheaper than nuclear, as shown in this chart:

Unfortunately we can't seem to get these guys use real facts. They're only interested in their "alternative facts" or, as they are better known, lies.


The Lithium-Air battery promises, among other things, to boost the range of electric autos to 500 miles plus. That could signal the end of internal combustion, Big Fossil and Big Nuke.

Online Direct Democracy


Why would the US support NATO if Russia is no longer an adversary?


We need a Super Conducting Turbine, perhaps driven by Spicer, Conway, and Trump.


Climate disruption (I refuse to call it 'climate change') is the biggest threat to humanity since the H-bomb. And yet these people want to keep going, full bore, with what contributes to that destruction. The rich will kill us all before giving up a single penny.


There's always a reason. Even if US, Russia, and China were best of friends and all members of NATO there would be someone out there who is not. Maybe after 50 years of peace among all nations it would be time to retire our various alliances. Doesn't mean we couldn't significantly downsize them first, though.


That reason could be that no one heeded Eisenhower's warning to beware of the Military Industrial Complex.


Government website designed to take Pubic Comments regarding the Environmental Impact Statement for DAPL was SHUT DOWN
Oppose Dakota Access Pipeline HERE (SEND EMAIL AND PASS THIS ON)
Public Input until February 20 accepting comments regarding DAPL:
Civil Works Assistant to Assistant Secretary of the Army
Email Address:
Subject Line:
NOI Comments, Dakota Access Pipeline Crossing


Maybe American and also global energy needs could be met by a combination of sources, much like they already are. Mother Earth has shown herself to be quite resilient. As carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have increased in recent decades due to the burning of fossil fuels, plant growth of all varieties including trees has responded by flourishing; the so named "greening of the Earth." However, personally I'm very fearful of Nuclear power plants. The disastrous consequences of Chernobyl and Fukushima should have been enough warning for the wiser ones of us.


The "trees are flourishing" is questionable. What I've read is that trees are the first line of nature that are telling us something is wrong. Why? Because they can't move. Migrating flora and fauna are less vulnerable. There is much damage already to tree species in zones experiencing warming that those species are not used to.


Here in Missouri, I have witnessed a lot more oaks and hickories dying on my land in the last 25 years.


I'd like to present this proposed cause of climate change or maybe more accurately the seemingly increased frequency of extreme weather events over the last decades merely as a hypothesis; in other words, there's no way I can prove any of it. I also expect most people to scoff at this suggestion.
Anyway, there now exists a theory that the Universe might be conscious. That the Universe feels and potentialy might be caused react to the emotions of Its creatures. If humanity now outnumbers all earthly creatures save maybe for insects, is it not possible that our emotions may have the most influence on this Consciousness... What if, instead of violence and war people were to turn to compassion and peace. Might it not be worth a try even for the sake of pleasant, beneficial weather?


Most average Americans would rather the powers that be would invest in improving efficiency and inrenewable energy, mostly solar and wind. The powers that be want HUGE profits and believe fossil fuel and to a smaller extent nuclear power are more likely to deliver those huge profits to them. I can't invest in solar as much as I would love to because I rent rather than own. I try to live frugally. I figure that since I can't actually invest in solar, the closest I can come to that is to donate to my local soup kitchen money earmarked for investment in improving their energy efficiency since they own the roof under which they operate and have huge energy bills. I hope eventually to get them fixed up enough with energy efficiency to be able to switch to donating money earmarked for rooftop solar. So far, it seems that they are not saving on electric bills, but rather on food by cutting down on food spoilage. Oh well, at least they are saving on something.