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Trump's Disgusting, Tone Deaf, Paper-Towel-Throwing Trip to Puerto Rico


Trump's Disgusting, Tone Deaf, Paper-Towel-Throwing Trip to Puerto Rico

Julia Conley, staff writer

President suggests crisis not a "real catastrophe" and jabs islanders for costing government "a lot of money"


What an ASSHOLE!!!


The USA’s Jerk In Chief will go down in hist


For those who would like to write your senators and call for the Launch of an impeachment Investigation. Lawrence Tribe explains why.

The Trump Impeachment - a site devoted to the topic


The dickster makes just one more sickening, pathetic appearance to utterly insult the entire world, with Puerto Rico being the cherry on top.


Trump, his whole family, they are all sick. Our country’s leader and his party remind me of the Hunger Games elites!


Hair today…

Gone tomorrow - The Trump Impeachment [https://thetrumpimpeachment.com]


Marie Antoinette’s infamous ‘Let them eat cake,’ just got topped by Dump.


True to form TRump once again makes it all about him. I gotta say when the baggers get it together to make a change they don’t screw around. This useless doofus makes the Shrub look like a master statesman.


When are the Republicans & Democrats going to admit that Trump is worthless? He cares for no one, he is definitely in love with himself, because no one else would love an asshole like him. I feel sorry for his wife and his children who has to see this moron make an ass of himself every time he opens his mouth. They should impeach this idiot. Congress should also chip in and get him a new hair piece. He is most likely suffering from senility. He should be in a home for the aged, and not in the WhiteHouse.


As soon as his incompetence prevents them from robbing what is left of the American economy.


One question? Why is Trump wearing a jacket? Isn’t Puerto Rico sweltering hot?


To cover his globulous gut that overhangs his belt…and to set himself apart from the PR swine (his thoughts, not mine). And his concubine just had to wear those $400 Gucci reflector aviator glasses to make the downtrodden, starving, thirsty, homeless Puerto Ricans feel even worse. Her entire outfit (camel toe included) cost more than most Puerto Ricans make in several months working two jobs.

This pair is loathsome. Best that their stay was brief so he could not spew anymore sxxt and chastise the entire population ad nauseum.


Who needs medicine, electricity, gasoline, food, water and a roof over your head when you have been given a golf trophy and a roll of paper towels? No wonder trump is saying everyone in Puerto Rico loves him.

I wonder what wonderful gifts he will bring to the people of Las Vegas tomorrow.


He is just a piece of dung.


Now that Oxfam is sending help we can help them with donations:


A plane load of military assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammo to be handed out to all comers so they can “protect themselves” …from fellow shooters in the coming “civil war” predicted by the NRA and any number of white nationalist and white supremacist groups. And the paper towels were so he could wipe his hands clean after being touched by the unwashed masses.


Part of the spectacle as in looking like a president who is getting down to business, ignoring the two week lapse, of course.


If there ever was a case for terminating with extreme prejudice…


It is impossible to understand how Trump takes no responsibility for helping the worst national disaster. These people are American citizens. Trump is a rabid racist and a heartless autocrat. We should punish him - like keep the alternate minimum tax in place. We should stop paying for him to travel and book his hotels every week. This man is not fit to govern in any capacity.