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Trump's Disregard of Climate Threat Seen as US Carbon Emissions Surged in 2018


Trump's Disregard of Climate Threat Seen as US Carbon Emissions Surged in 2018

Jon Queally, staff writer

As global citizens and world governments struggle to respond appropriately to the clear and present danger of a rapidly warming world, new figures show that the United States under President Donald Trump is going precisely backwards when it comes to meeting its obligation to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.


One sad truth is that Trump’s base would take such a change in trend as a positive show of defiance. He has taken a whole cohort of ignorant Americans and made them downright stupid, and proud of such. What talent hath the carnival barker.


We were warned and have already have felt the wrath of Global Warming / Climate Change and Not a damned thing was done about it. We are all sitting ducks waiting for the next Catastrophe to happen, while our lawmakers kick the Can down the frightening road. If living in million dollar underground bunkers is what the rich want, they can live like Rodents. The rest of us better head for higher ground.


Not to worry. Once the Radical Centrist Dems get in there we are golden. I’ll predict right now that if Beto O’Rourke captures (is appointed) the nomination, he will stop taking money from the oil industry in solidarity with the planet. But until then, he’s got to win at any cost. So don’t crimp his style Bernie Bros!


He just brought it all to a head. Americans became more idiotic over recent decades as they more fervently embraced religion, consumerism and militarism and eschewed science, sustainability and peace-making. Malignant narcissism is the toxic extreme of willful ignorance, and Americans have been perfecting willful ignorance since the dawn of Billy Graham and subsequent rise of Rush Limbaugh. Sadly, I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet.


Agreed that we have not seen the Worst of it yet… on all Fronts!


The most accurate thing Trump said about global warming is that it’s too late to do anything about it.

If you have grandkids, pity them. Climate chaos will reach catastrophic levels in their lifetimes.


Once the rich finally do bail out into their luxury underground bunkers I have a suggestion for keeping them there. Any underground facility must have some sort of ventilation shaft that’s goes to the surface. Once the piggies are nice and comfy in their underground dens we can back the concrete trucks up to the ventilation shafts and make sure they stay there, forever and ever. One major problem solved.


While Trump declares his border fantasies a national emergency, the Pelosi senior citizens caucus fails to recognize the real national emergency that is catastrophic climate change. But with the appearance in America of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her generation I have not lost all hope.


That’s one way…as it is very easy to find where their bunkers are. Funny how these psychopaths think they will be safe living in under ground communities with their own kind. A better way, in my opinion, is to trap them now, before they scurry away. This also could be quite easy if planned correctly…


A friendly you’re wrong to you Guitman. You say we haven’t done a damned thing about climate change. But in fact we have. Our MAGA shit headed man-baby in D.C. has hired people that have done something, MADE IT WORSE.

And as an added feature, after reading that we have switched to natural gas when closing coal fired plants, I had to think about myself and tens of millions of homes being heated by NG.


The cohort you mention was already ignorant, made so by the intentional erosion of America’s public education system. Their ignorance makes them highly vulnerable to manipulative emotional appeals of hucksters like Trump.


Senior citizens don’t care. Theyve already lived their lives in better times when things were much more normal. What can they do? It’s their kids and grand children that will feel the brunt of this nightmare.


Trump is just a puppet for the Elite that are pulling his strings. Its Them, not him. As far as Education, most people do by how they are raised at home. My History books were packed with lies. There never were classes on how to balance a check book or how to save money. Best class I had was Shop, where I built stuff with tools and my own hands. Technology was the biggest factor that dumbed down the people and brought out the worst in humanity.


I’m one of those old farts and I don’t have a good choice to make unless someone offers to solar convert my home. too much money for us average retired home owners.





Sorry to be so rude but I was following suit. Read my front page and think about this. While exchanging emails with James Hanson he eluded to the fact that it was only the “grey hairs” that show up for his talks.


Wow that was really a great link that should be seen far and wide


Thank you, I try. I push and shove and prod the powers that be. You too can do the same thing. A basic Wordpress site is free.