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Trump's DOE Climate Office Reportedly Bars Use of Phrase "Climate Change"


Trump's DOE Climate Office Reportedly Bars Use of Phrase "Climate Change"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Employees at the U.S. Energy Department's (DOE) Office of International Climate and Clean Energy have reportedly been barred from using key phrases in written communication, including "climate change," "emissions reductions," and "Paris agreement."

Politico reported the order Wednesday, citing anonymous sources inside the department.


The scientists at DOE simply have to resist now, en masse, and continue using all of the scientific language they should. It will be difficult to fire all of them, but they must take that risk.


And in other news, George Orwell's book 1984 sells another million copies today. Amazon's Jeff Bezos is ecstatic.


Presumably use of the term "Global Warming" would give them a stroke!

Perry should be shown with a gag over his mouth.

So now should the EPA or anything to do with EPA rules.


The word fascism needs to be banned next... doesn't it?

Imagine Americans being told that they aren't allowed to speak freely about anything? If you had heard of this story while Stalin lived, you would have shook your head and given thanks that you lived in a free country instead. What are these creeps doing to our country?

Where does this kind of fascistic thought control end? Or does it?

Where do they get the right to ban discussions or even mentions about anything? Moreover, since when do they think that they can use my (taxpayer) money to pay their salaries and fund projects that are edited, stifled or otherwise diminished by such utter mediocrity of thought (under their control)!


In other news, Perry has banned the use of the word "gravity" to describe why he is is stuck to the Earth. It is nothing more than God pushing us down to keep us from sliding off the edge of the Earth, which, by the way, is flat and static in the middle of a God-painted collage that has continuously rotated around the earth since the beginning of time 6000 years ago.

A short quiz - Who is the stupidest republican?

Answer -- there is no wrong answer.


To use these phrases "would cause a 'visceral reaction' with Energy Secretary Rick Perry, his immediate staff, and the cadre of White House advisers at the top of the department,"

Poor baby gonna get a tummy ache. I know exactly what two words to say to that mfkr if I ever see him. And I'll be more than happy to repeat it ad nauseam!


Well, so much for my fellow colleagues in the 2.5 million-strong ranks of the US Civil Service saving us...


If I was one of those scientists, I would be very tempted to roll out a bunch of shit research just to embarass rump's administration as much as I could. If they can't do the real and necessary studies that need to be done, they should fuk shit up at every turn. Like burn some car tires, set smoke detectors up wind from the fire and declare "oh look no emissions, burning car tires is fine." I mean stupid stuff like that. Lick your thumb and hold it up in the air and declare "nope that climate ain't no warmer none at all." And be very very explicit about how absurdly the study was conducted in order to maximize embarrassment. Give the conservafkers the lies they want to hear by doing everything wrong when conducting research. rump and his goons aren't smart enough to know what good research is anyway. Since they want to cherry pick, deliver a pile of shit with a cherry on top.


'"Just because you ban the phrase doesn't mean it doesn't exist."' I disagree wwih this statement. I can absolutely promise that if we all look the other way, everything will go away...plants, trees, animals, humans...


Denials and disclaimers echo the Rick Scott performance in Florida. He believes bringing "industry" and "jobs" to Florida is worth suppressing free speech for. Of course Florida's karst geology cannot support such weight. New industry will kill many more jobs than it provides; it may kill Florida besides.