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Trump's Domestic Gag Rule Forces Planned Parenthood to Withdraw From Title X Funding, Leaving 1.5 Million Low-Income Women Without Healthcare

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/19/trumps-domestic-gag-rule-forces-planned-parenthood-withdraw-title-x-funding-leaving

Having nonprofits cover healthcare for any segment of the population is not a long-term solution. This situation proves that their status can be compromised by a neo-conservative administration.

Making healthcare a human right is the only way to go forward for everyone. All Americans should fight together for this. Indivisible.

Bernie is the only one who “wrote the damn bill” and can be counted on to deliver. Just need to primary the Senate democrats who haven’t signed on.

Check out this full discussion on Medicare For All and the poll at the bottom showing over 50% of Dem voters will not consider candidates who don’t support MFA: https://www.dailykos.com/st…


The is an attempt to throw women under the bus. It is really about Federal funding of healthcare and women having access to reproductive care by M4H. M4A is not anywhere near for all if this issue is not resolved.


If you aren’t the right ___________ fill in the blank, you do not get to play in America. All that this administration has done is gut our core. This is not who we are, we are better than this and yet, he still is in office. The person who America believes to be the most honest in Washington will never be allowed to be elected president. Our government isn’t crisis, it is in collapse. This administration defies our laws and our norms of decency never seen before and yet, he still is in office. We do not have a government, we have an insane asylum. Money and guns are it’s God’s and violence is it’s religion. With the collapse of our systems worlds wide in terms of the 6th extinction, climate emergency and lack of governance world wide I suggest you gather friends and family, give peace, share love because truly, only love remains and Hell is here to roost permanently.

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So…sorry I am so.dennse…but…does this also effect the providing of birthcontrol??

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Or…is it just the extra money fkr abortions…so nkw…they can talk…just wonder what that title x money covers …

Hello theinitiate, I’m guessing that you are a man, a clueless man! It is about healthcare for women. When you educate yourself on this subject it would be much easier to have a conversation.


Universal free, safe, legal easy access to abortions, vasectomies, and contraceptives should be a human right.
Until women are liberated from gestation slavery, and humans are able to easily scale back their rate of population growth by preventing and ending pregnancies, there’s no hope for this planet or society.

This is all so unnecessary since if we pulled together Trump could have been defeated in November 2016. Those who didn’t help Clinton win then sold out reproductive freedom and undermined access to health care for low income women, I think they have a special responsibility to donate to PP to help these women and make up for their foolish decision.

So, the Right does not want to “pay” for what they find objectionable such as the woman’s right to choose that they rationalize as “pro-life” stance (they, for the most part, are pro-war, pro-capital punishment, anti-social safety net) but demand that everyone else be subjected to paying for what the Right considers desirable. There is a solution: let people vote with their taxes. But you do not hear them proposing this, do you? Could it be that the majority is opposed to their demands and would, therefore, considerably shrink the military budget, considerably reduce and even, eventually, remove the power of corporations?

I see the persistent Hillary shilling continues, and of course, we all agree that Trump is impeachable and should have been defeated in 2016.
Clinton & the DNC didn’t help Clinton win.
Clinton sold out progressive Sanders supporters by colluding with the DNC to sabotage Sanders and other progressive candidates, and by slagging progressives.
Clinton chose Tim Kaine, a self-described “pro-life Catholic” as her VP.
Clinton & the DNC ran a feckless, smug, identity politics campaign that failed to energize progressives and liberals.
Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.
All of us, regardless of our feelings about Clinton, have an obligation to volunteer for and donate to Planned Parenthood.
All of us have an obligation to help a true progressive like Bernie Sanders become president, rather than whining and shilling two years after an election for a warmongering, Zionist, sellout corporate Dem like Hillary.

Americans by huge majority support Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood.

Yet GOP fascists continue to get away with this war on Planned Parenthood,
contraception and abortion.

Notice that with fascist control over all our government and worldwide affairs from
this fascist White House/Administration … it is only now left to the public to come out
into the streets peacefully and non-violently.

The United Nations is helpless before this fascism and its attacks on immigrants, people
of color, women – even birth control … and certainly they are impotent against wars of
aggression by the US/CIA which they were created to control and STOP.

And make sure the jerks have a sound accounting of where that money ends up.
This is part of the pre-fight against M4ALL.