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Trump's Drug Pricing Scam


Trump's Drug Pricing Scam

Robert Reich

Trump promised to rein in drug prices. It was his only sensible campaign promise.

But the plan he announced Friday does little but add another battering ram to his ongoing economic war against America’s allies.

"Trump doesn’t want to take on Big Pharma. As has been typical for him, rather than confronting the moneyed interests in America he chooses mainly to blame foreigners."

He calls it “American patients first,” and takes aim at what he calls “foreign freeloading.” The plan will pressure foreign countries to relax their drug price controls.


“While it’s true that Americans spend far more on medications per person than do citizens in any other rich country – even though Americans are no healthier – that’s not because other nations freeload on American drug companies’ research.”

Americans are no healthier in part because they consume more drugs than citizens of other nations. Nationalizing the health care system would change that. Drugs should be the treatment of last resort. Prevention with lifestyle choices (fix the food system, now) should be the first. Having a profit motive in sickness is not sane, it is in fact evil.


From an activist physician in Vermont:

America’s trading partners “need to pay more because they’re using socialist price controls, market access controls, to get unfair pricing,” said Alex Azar,

And he further stated: “And they are doing it on the backs of their patients. God help you if you get cancer in some of these countries.”

Unfair to whom???
No. God help you if you get cancer in the US!
"Yeah, we’ve been accepting substandard profits from these chocolate countries for too long!"
Ted Cody, MD


As Robert Reich so accurately explains here, the Trump administration is not going to do anything substantive to provide relief to American consumers of prescription drugs This is
all a bunch of smoke and mirrors. The American consumers will continue, as always, to be
fleeced by the Pharmaceutical Corporations.


We need to blast the Trumpenstein monster out of the White House. The one and only reason he wanted to be president was to gain a fortune in bribe money from corporations for favors. He needs to be impeached out of office.


True that he would have to take on this industry, but he won’t as we know. He’s no FDR. Just imagine all the great policy proposals and advocacy we’d get with Sanders as president. It’s hard to imagine though that any non-rich Americans would back Trump, but they do!