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Trump's Economy Leaves Working People Behind. Here Are the Receipts.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/25/trumps-economy-leaves-working-people-behind-here-are-receipts

Reich sez:
“So is anyone benefiting in Trump’s economy?”

Yuh. Same folks who benefited from the Obomba, Cheneybush, Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Clinton, Prudentbush and St. Ronny Caligula “economies.”

It’s almost as if someone besides the “president” is in charge of the moneychanging.


word up

This will be blotted out by the impeachment frenzy.

Yeah I expect a lot of this type of article over the next months trying to suggest that this started with Trump when it in fact an ongoing 40 year thing.


We need to deal with the elephant in the room. When convicted trump should be put in stock. Then we get in line to throw rotten food at his head. Eventually the pile of mush will pile up over his head, and while he can breathe, we won’t be able to see his head. Then and only then will he contemplate what he is and what he has done. The torture for him will be that he won’t be seen any longer.

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I’ve been roughly tallying what kind of jobs have been created under el presidente Pigface:

  1. Security guards everywhere.
  2. Police force and riot squad.
  3. Military equipment and munitions.
  4. Detention camp and border wall imprisonment.
  5. Polluting industries in oil, gas, pipeline.
  6. Highway construction to benefit automobile-related
    business interests: finance, insurance, manufacture,
    media advertising, parking, maintenance, repair, rentals.
  7. Uber/Lyft taxi service worsening chaotic traffic.
  8. Car dependent suburban sprawl housing construction.
  9. Construction of hotels and high rise condos for upper class world travelers,
    subsidized apartment blocks that benefit the landlord class flush with tax cut cash.

These jobs depict an economy that can’t be sustained
nor can we can proudly call it our historical American best.


Reich uses 1979 forward to compare and contrast. So, your " 40 year ongoing thing " isn’t lost on the less arithmetic challenged among us.
That aside, he’s pretty much on point.
Funny thing, that 1979 year is about the same time the Oligarchs controlling the fossil fuel/energy sector worldwide, started burying information about climate change, et al.
Probably just a coincidence.

He calls it Trumps economy…when this economy predates Trump.

It Neo-liberalism plain and simple and Reich played a role in designing this economy.

Now if during the Obama presidency Reich had an article stating “Obama’s economy leaving working people behind” you would have a point. The sooner people start to recognize the issue is Capitalism itself the better. Sanders as example starts to get this.

If the focus is on Trump then the impression left the fix is removing Trump. If you replace Trump and put a Biden in his stead, nothing changes as far as the working class concerned.

The emphasis needs to be on “administration”, as the POTUS doesn’t do it alone. He has help from a “bought-and-paid-for” Congress. Got a T-Shirt, depicting the classic Uncle Sam I-Want-You" image, except it says, “I want you … to stop voting for idiots!” I’ve missed 2 election in about 50 years of voting - and one was out to sea in the military. My ballot arrived, inexplicitly, too late. I was drafted, please note.

Greta Thunberg said it all: the myth of the always increasing economy. Anyone for the Law of Thermodynamics? Listen to her speeches and interviews. There is so much to change/correct and so little time.

What part of Alaska are you in (or from), Gadfly? I spent 12 years as a Cheechako there.

To some up here, you are a Cheechako if you aren’t 3rd generation. If you spent winter, you are not Cheechako.
30+ years Ketchikan; 12 years, now, in South Central (Kenai Penin.) Traveled most of inside passage and it’s towns, most of coastal Kodiak/Afognak, out to Aleutians, and up the Bering to St. Lawence Island. (In Jan. Yuck.) Much of Central road system, not all. Every town and village in P.W.S. (Including Exxon Valdez oil spill. - Double yuck.)
Not much Bristal Bay.
Lucked out, except shipboard duties sometimes didn’t allow me to go ashore.
Have NOAA Wx bookmarked on the Bar for Western Kenai Peninsula, also AVO and AK Earthquake site.
We are going to hate it when declining health drives us out of Alaska. It’s more expensive to live in the Puget Sound Region, too. AK is the 3rd least taxed State (and the 3rd highest at bitching about taxes). Washington is near the top for taxes. So where to go that isn’t too hot? Some of the Northern Tier is colder than here! Forget the SW - it’s beautiful but impossibily hot after too many years in AK. The MidWest is too sticky hot. Probably not East Coast. Lower New England? Maybe. The South? No way. It’s a dilemma. Will need a compromise.
Got transferred up here by USCG, got out when they tried to transfer me out. Is this the most beautiful state or is this the most beautiful state?
The politics are NOT the most beautiful, but where is?

In the 1973 movie “Soylent Green” - set in a NYC population of 20 million in 2022 - the clearly stated “Greenhouse effect” was blamed for the unbearable heat. The wealthy had air conditioning they could turn up “full blast like winters used to be” and indoor plumbing and food other than Soylent Red, Yellow or Green on Tuesdays. Soylent Green Tuesdays! Yummy!

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A friend was an extra in that movie. There were many of those, though. At the end of that he had no appetite for working in the film industry.
Cannibals in the Pacific Islands during WWII were paid by our military to get Japanese soldiers, snipers mostly, in the deep and woolly jungle and marsh. To claim the $ they merely had to bring back the heads. The tongue, eyes, etc. they ate.
Everything that’s old was new, again. Many of them had never eaten Japanese before, only white missionaries, assorted sailors and Spanish priests. However, these cannibal folks are still considered the original food snobs in the lexicon of worldwide fine dining.
So it goes, eh?

Ah, yes, the horrible tax burden of the PFD recipient. We started in Kodiak and went on to central peninsula before finishing up in Mat-Su and Anchortown. Moved from there to Puget, as you’re contemplating, but wound up splitting the difference and landed in coastal B.C.
Best move ever, though I know it’s not an option for everyone. Good luck to you.

I was surprised by the film’s quality. Soylent Green was a good movie. The “scoopers” scene was a little corny, but overall it’s excellent. Heston’s last line before the credits was “Next they’ll be raising us like cattle.”

The children held in cages in the camps on the border would be considered veal, then?
I guess Heston was a visionary in Soylent Green. Though South American veal usually comes from Brazil or Argentina, my restaurant mgr./chef friends tell me.
Smithfield & Hormel may be opening up test markets here the U. S., currently. Who knew.