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Trump's Emoluments Mess

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/27/trumps-emoluments-mess

“…a cost to American taxpayers of nearly $600,000 in ground transportation fees alone.”

How is that even possible?! Unless they are charging us $25,000 per gallon of gas per limo.

Poor solution. What if he isn’t voted out of office? Impeach and convict him for violation of the emoluments clause, that’s what it’s for.


No bid contract with Eric Prince.

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This should be the only cause for impeachment.
This should be the only grounds for removal.

List all the violations.

Prove them.

Lets see if this is what those who believe in democracy do.
Or we have a failed system.

This article implies that we have a Trump problem while we actually have a GOP and media problem. The GOP has had all the power it needs to control Trump, yet it enables his distracting tactics while stacking the courts with fascist judges and expanding corporate welfare. Meanwhile. the media serially legitimizes Trump and the GOP’s every action.


Waiting for the day when the Trump name is on nothing except a tag on a prison uniform.

. . .  And then take back EVERY DIME spent at any of his condos, hotels & resorts by the U.S. government and return it to the Treasury, and take EVERY EURO spent at any of his condos, hotels & resorts by any foreign government or korporation and put it in the U.S. Treasury as well.  If that leaves Trump’s businesses in a hole because of the expenses they’ve incurred in the course of his many violations of the Emoluments Clause just consider it Punitive Damages.

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The third way, perhaps the easiest way in terms of stress on the country, is difficult because of the electoral college, Republicans who are in charge of the voting system and processes in so many States plus the President’s using foreign power to meddle in our elections and dig up dirt on his political opponents. In addition, to unseat Trump, Americans need a more attractive alternative that will excite them. As of now, most leading Democratic candidates are carrying around baggage that will inhibit them from getting mainstream support. It’s going to be difficult to get Trump out of office unless a charismatic, attractive, experienced Democratic candidate emerges who can inspire the American people as a whole to get out an vote for him or her. Right now I don’t see this in any of the leading Democratic candidates.