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Trump's Enablers—An Appalling Parallel


Trump's Enablers—An Appalling Parallel

Julia Conley, staff writer

We went to a very moving commemoration in London this week marking the 80th anniversary of Krystallnacht-- when thousands of German Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. The opening salvo, as it were, of the Holocaust. But what I found most appalling–because of its relevance to today’s headlines --was not the description of those horrific events, but the motivation of a top Nazi official responsible for carrying out Hitler’s genocidal commands.


I have given up that Republicans leaders have a red line. All evidence suggests that they will go along with anything to help their careers. Those with a red line have retired, realizing that they no longer have a place as a leader in the Republican Party. And many of the Republican leaders now are white males who are white supremacists. They are the candidates who did best in the primaries. And as the recent runoff for the Senate in Mississippi showed, a Republican leader can also be a woman who is a white supremacist. Something very bad is happening here.


THANK YOU to Mr. Lando and Common Dreams. This is precisely the willful scenario in which we find ourselves.


Does this party ever have any legislation crafted to help anyone or anything other than their donors and benefactors?


This is not to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. But Trump’s depredations don’t have to meet Hitlerian extremes for them to be heinous and a threat to all Americans.

And why not compare Trump to Hitler. at least in some respects? To be sure, it is one of the sacred cows in American politics never to compare anyone to Hitler, but, after all, Trump is using some of the same classic fascist tactics made infamous by Hitler. Trump, of course, hasn’t the oratory skills of a Hitler or the cunning, but he certainly has the greed and the inflated ego and, like Hitler, Trump is promoting blind nationalism, scapegoating, hatred, fear and racism. By remaining politically correct and abstaining from Hitler comparisons, we only delude ourselves that we are not sinking into fascism.


HI jneastra: true, Trump is no Hitler-----but he read Hitler’s book.


If you read German History in the '20’s, '30’s and into the '40’s, read Mein Kampf, read some of the biographies of people who were against the new regime like Defying Hitler by Sebastian Haffner. You will note the huge number of things being done today and for the last two or three decades that pretty closely match the Third Reich’s actions during its formative years.
*“Operation Paperclip” was not just to help us with the space race. Thousands of Nazis were brought over here, given new identities and jobs with our fledgling security services, the military and the FBI, presumably to teach us how to do it right and avoid their mistakes. Apparently the lessons were well learned.


So many people in the US would throw their grandmother under the bus if it would advance their careers or make them more money. We have corrupted into a place of supreme self serving and self interest. It is not a good thing for our communities or our societies.


yea. It’s a real head scratcher. You would think intelligent people, even if principally motivated by the trappings of social status, would be concerned about the verdict of history and their progeny to some extent as well.


No need to compare Hitler and Trump when you consider that the GOP has operated by Goebbels’ playbook (sans goose stepping in jack boots) at least since FOX TV (faux noise) started more than two decades ago.

Although the author makes it sound like the GOP operatives he listed are falling in line with Trump, they have not fallen in line, they have always been this way, Trump simply provides a better smoke screen to distract from their actions than any other POTUS has.


This article, intentionally or otherwise, repudiates the foolishness of “Godwin’s Law” that supposedly prohibits introduction of the topics of Hitler and Naziism into discussions.

The usual approach to condemning comparisons with Hitler and the Nazis goes like this: “How dare you compare X with Hitler and the Nazis. Yes, X is admittedly bad, maybe even evil, but how many millions is he sending to death camps?”

The problem with that reasoning is that Hitler introduced the Final Solution in 1942. Prior to that, Hitler massacred Jews and others and engaged in the infamous pogrom of Kristallnacht, book burnings and many other atrocities that were at a lesser level. Because Hitler got away with those things, the foundation of the ultimate atrocity was laid. If you want to stop another such atrocity from getting started, you stop it before it begins, before it gains traction, before the next rendition of the Final Solution.

We are now seeing the establishment of concentration camps for children - for children! - and nothing is being done. There are 13,000 children in one concentration camp in Texas alone. And we’re only two years into Trump. Given the same amount of time as Hitler, Trump may ultimately equal or do even more damage. And even if Trump doesn’t achieve Hitler’s body count, do we really want to be remembered as the fools who let Trump continue to do whatever evil is already happening and that certainly will result?

I hereby repeal “Godwin’s Law”. Now.


There has always been a been a natural affinity between the 1 percent in the USA and the Fascists in Nazi Germany.

The elite in both the UK and the USA helped finance the Nazi rise to power. They invested billions of dollars in rebuilding the German War machine. They helped build the very railroads that carried hundreds of thousands to their deaths in the slave labor camps. They encouraged the resurgence of Germany in the hopes that The Fascists would make war on the USSR. Both the United Kingdom and the USA sent troops to Russia after World War one hoping to prop up the Czar and when they failed immediately begin to plot their return. The 1 percent saw the Communists and Socialism as a threat to their power.

After World War 2 the USA smuggled thousands of Nazi War Criminals out of Europe and Into the USA where those same Nazis helped to rebuild the institutions that they had built in Nazi Germany.

This enabling of Fascism is not limited to the Republicans. It inherent in the ruling class that runs the US Empire.


Yes indeed. In addition to helping Mussolini and Hitler, Henry Ford, Prescott Bush (Bush 41’s dad) and other US elites who wanted the US to go fascist also supported Franco’s coup in Spain. The Norweigen born president of Texaco made sure that Franco never ran low on fuel.

When FDR required they cut off dealings with European fascists Ford, Bush and others hired retired US Army General Smedley Butler to assassinate FDR.

Rather than going fascist, FDR’s solution to prevent the US from going commie was to throw just enough crumbs to working class (in the form of the New Deal) to keep them from pushing for socialism or communism.


No, they do not- no souls just money


karellan, as a once proud defender, and invoker, of “Godwin’s law” I feel I must second your motion to repeal this voluntary exercise in self-censorship invoked for the sake of civility in internet discourse. Godwin, or whomever, certainly did not anticipate a political canker sore such as Trump to hijack the political process with such success. I wonder if this very appeal to GL did not in some way help deliver us to this man’s administration (note: I restrain myself from the term, “regime.”). That said, relentlessly self-promoting careerists and some-such adulation-addicts tend to find their metier in politics. Nothing new here. What scandalizes the civilized mind is not just the lack of limits to how far these officials are willing to follow Trump, but the transparent lack of ethics they display to the world in this pursuit. Upton Sinclair once noted, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” (1935, I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked). Perhaps when these types cease to stain the political landscape we can (and should?) reinstate Godwin’s Law. Let’s leave it at that.
Be well.


It is extremely important to repeat these facts over and over until enough people realize their significance and take action against the repression. Too many uninformed people listen to the propaganda of mass media or the pablum of “entertainment”


I watched a Polish series on Netfix “1983” that illustrates the same.


Republicanism is very much based on fraud and deception so it’s not much of a stretch for the leadership to go along with Trump to get what they want. The Republican party is serving the uber-rich who need to keep the people deceived into believing that policies that are seeing all money going to the top, like neoliberalism, slanted tax cuts, elimination of market and pollution regulations, cutting social security, and so on, are actually good for the people


That is why I have been writing on the subject for so many years. I could see it, feel it, smell it coming. Many people jumped on me, “Don’t bring the Nazis into this, this is the United States, not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. This is a democracy! It Can’t Happen Here!”
*I wrote the following on 5 January, 2001, shortly before Bush put his hand on the Bible and lied for the first time.
*“Well, it seems the President-appointee has selected his cabinet to guide us through the next four years. As expected, he has filled most of the posts with the most reactionary right wingers he could find. The Secretary of labor is anti-labor and anti-Social Security, the Attorney General probably thinks Hitler was a liberal. We have retreads from the Reagan/Bush administrations, corporate CEO’s, in short, a cadre of people dedicated to ensuring that the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class supports it all until it is taxed into poverty, too. The environment will be raped and despoiled for every last dollar that can be squeezed out of it. The International Cartels and the WTO will have yet more of the poor and the displaced to exploit, at home and abroad. Protests of this wanton destruction will fall on the ears of a bought Supreme Court which has already proved that it is acutely conscious of who put them in their lifetime situations.”
*“Our Constitution will be more narrowly interpreted by this court and the civil rights gained at so much pain, suffering and sacrifice will gradually be eroded or disallowed. We will become a nation of dispossessed, poverty stricken, hungry and illiterate people standing in lines for jobs or food, fighting for crusts and watching the limousines drive by.”
*“If he can accomplish this, the President-appointee will no doubt get a pat on the head from his daddy for accomplishing what daddy only made a start at.”
*“As it was under Nixon, Reagan and Bush the First, our children will once again have their role models in high places to teach them that greed, venality, vengeance and the bottom line are the only things worthwhile and that caring, compassion, love and conservation of resources are just weaknesses to be exploited if there is power or profit to be gained.”
*“What is needed today are statesmen, but who would risk assassination or being dragged through the muck of character assassination by what passes for leaders today. Mussolini’s Black Shirts made thinkers, intellectuals, idealists, teachers and opposition politicians drink a quart of castor oil and stand in the street until they soiled themselves, to the amusement of the fascists. It is rarely remembered that this humiliation was also the administration of an often fatal dose of a slow acting poison.”
*Will we and our cherished Constitution manage to survive this increasingly blatant takeover? Can we live through another “Corporate State?”
*“And then, of course, there is war and all the corporate profits that accrue to that, not to mention the curtailment of personal liberties in the name of “National Security” that goes with it.”
Written 5 January 2001.

And so it seems to have come to pass, through three “presidents” and a lot of greedy billionaires. Let’s We the People never give up. The youth of the world have begun to see and understand the peril for them and their future. Let us support their efforts with all our hearts, for they are our future.


[quote=“raydelcamino, post:13, topic:58114”]
Ford, Bush and others hired retired US Army General Smedley Butler to assassinate FDR
[/quote] Really? I don’t think you’ve researched Smedley Butler very effectively!