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Trump's EPA Chooses Foreign Mining Interests Over Critical Alaska Watershed


Trump's EPA Chooses Foreign Mining Interests Over Critical Alaska Watershed

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under President Donald Trump has shelved a lawsuit against a proposed Canadian gold and copper mine that would endanger Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed, allowing the mining company to revive the controversial Pebble Mine project.


So much for his blathering about putting America first. The hypocrite!


Really no fighting this anymore. Humans are going to destroy this planet, and the life on it. There is only one way to solve this, and it will never happen. Everything else is a waste of time, and only leads to heartbreak. Profit has won.


Stand by. Northern Dynasty is contemplating an ISDS filing under NAFTA.

SInce the estimated value of the gold and copper in the Pebble mine is over one trillion USD, they could very well force the development of the mine against all odds. It doesn't really matter whether the US and the EPA are for or against it. The mine is wildly unpoular in Alaska, but that won't matter either.


Under the DJT tyranny, the EPA has totally morphed into "Extremely Politically Acquiescent" and it will take years to recover from the disastrous results of the organization's concessions and outright give-aways to the industrial, chemical, and big energy polluters nationwide. May Pruitt fall off the face of the earth into a giant sinkhole gobbling up his sprawling manse and his luxury cars.



As a former employee of the EPA in San Francisco and a former resident of Alaska I am appalled by the way the agency is being perverted by the corrupt and shameless Scott Pruitt, the energy industry whore from Oklahoma who actually sued the EPA numerous times before the Orange Anus picked him for his current position. He will undoubtedly go down as one of the very worst administrators in their history, worse than Anne Gorsuch the mother of our new right-wing Supreme Court Justice. Just another of Trump's loathsome appointments who turns out to be the antithesis of what is needed to lead our powerful agencies. Thanks to Pruitt and the exploitive-minded Trump Regime we could end up referring to the EPA as the Environmental Plunder Administration.


Screw that. Give up if you want, I am going to be with the camp who still wants to change and believes things can change.


True. When Trump says: " America first" he left out that what he really means is: AMERICAN GREED FIRST!