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Trump's EPA Goes to Bat for Bayer as Company Fights $25 Million Verdict in Roundup Cancer Case

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/23/trumps-epa-goes-bat-bayer-company-fights-25-million-verdict-roundup-cancer-case

This article from a cannabis grower magazine has the best roundup of Bayer’s criminality I’ve seen–

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"the World Health Organization’s 2015 classification of glyphosate as a “probable carcinogen.”

Just to put things in perspective, the WHO also lists bacon, but puts it in the more dangerous category “known to cause cancer”.

The idea that a jury in a court of law can deciding on a matter of science is rather ridiculous and does not prove anything about Roundup.

Right on cue , the Monsanto/Bayer apologists and or paid defender ,posts at lighting speed .
How is it that these guys always seem to know in advance that these anti Bayer articles will show up. Hmm?

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Wow, that’s a shocker of a link!
Now who do you suppose is behind this latest challenge to Roundup being found to be a contributing factor in causing cancer .
Could it be Donny boy and his criminal gang? Fuking disgusting .

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You are so right. Until I read that I had no idea of how sick Bayer has been and for how long, or about the multiple bad things Monsanto does. They also have on that site an article about how Monsanto was surveilling Neil Young!!!


Well, right on cue someone pops up to make the standard accusation.
Because, of course, anyone who you disagree with must be a paid troll.
This stance certainly helps many commenters on this foum avoid addressing the facts.

I think that we make a mistake by using the latin-derived euphemism pesticide. all poisons should be called POISON in large and clear letters. PEST POISON OR PLANT POISON OR just

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If you take a sufficiently large dose of absolutely anything it will be a poison. It is the dose that matters.
That’s why scientists refer to LD50. The dose that kills 50% of subjects.