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Trump's Executive Order on 'Welfare' Is Designed to Pit Workers Against One Another


Trump's Executive Order on 'Welfare' Is Designed to Pit Workers Against One Another

Rebecca Vallas

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that sums up how little he understands about poverty in America.

The order, titled “Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility,” carries little weight by itself. It directs a broad range of federal agencies to review programs serving low-income people and make recommendations on how they can make the programs harder to access, all under the guise of “welfare reform.”


Actually according to a study- most people on food stamps and other types of assistance are working.


…But Hillary would have been worse!!!


Exactly - working their asses off to be more specific. When used to work downtown, If I worked late, I would see their exhausted faces on the 86B which wended its way past my home in “little Italy” (Bloomfield) to the impoverished and blighted black neighborhoods of Homewood and Wilkinsburg.


A bit of Ah… (American history) on the legislative changes since 1970s - everyone who is still confounded by the torquing of the process - should know this

Abby Martin : How Lobbyists Weaponized Transparency


The fucking bass turds send jobs overseas and then punish those who can’t find work!
I swear to shit, this country is like the “Wonderland” that Alice fell into. Except THIS Wonderland is dangerous to anyone who is not of the 1% or needs REAL HELP!!!


I know you re being sarcastic but it smells of the TRUTH!


I am familiar with those areas. I grew up in Mt. Pleasant and went to PGH every so often and remember the dirt and feeling the stress in the streets.


So, is this in NJ? I know what you mean by working the As off - it’s like nothing is enough for the elites - a sad state of affairs indeed.


Let that sink in…What does it tell us about such a society?


Can we stop about the Hillary already? She is not in office. Are you being sarcastic?


A society that only cares about material wealth and little else.


Never got that one- sending jobs overseas- If people are not working then who will buy the bass turds’ products? Personally, I think every moron who sends jobs overseas needs to be charged with treason and hung!


Also, even “progressive” elites seem to hate the working class - never got that one.


They rather make money off these kids (we will “feed” you so long as we can exploit you) as so much else in this company town, USA:


Great post- making money off these kids is a crime and a tragedy. It shows that we all ( except the elites according to them) are expendable. Nursing homes profit from keeping the elderly on drugs and keeping them alive while they are suffering. I never got ( get) this either. The “liberal” elites hate people who work at labor , farming, union work- anything but the ivory tower. It was and is one of the matters that contributed to divisions within the Peace movement, and even Occupy. This making money off of foster kids is the lowest of the low however. I like your post about the company town. A lot of the USA has been turned into Wal Mart land- one strip mall after another. Makes my mind wander about wishing I was even older than I am.


Hillary was already a proven welfare reformer, remember?:


I assume by “progressive” elites" you mean neo-liberal, PSEUDO-progressives.


Yes, but even some other so called progressives who have never even met someone who works with his or her hands.


Pittsburg, PA.