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Trump's Executive Order on 'Welfare' Is Designed to Pit Workers Against One Another


Landed in an airplane there once decades ago on the way to make a connection. Wish I could have spent time there.


Mt. Pleasant, in Trump-loving Westmoreland county is 100% white and right wing - they’d never be caught dead riding a bus with black people in it. My only point I was trying to make is that poor people who receive the pittances called “welfare” work their asses off.


You mean Pittsburgh?


Read the 2016 Democratic platform - then compare it to the Republican one.

1992 was a long time ago…


Man you have just got to wonder how low they can go. SNAP amounts to less than 2% of the federal budget. Seriously? We are so desperate we need to raid SNAP in order to funnel even more to the wealthy?


Absolutely, Corporate State Democrats should be criticized for making their contributions to “welfare reform”.

But the likelihood that Clinton would have pushed additional work requirements for SNAP, or drug testing for SNAP participants, is exactly zero.


Very informative, thanks.


Yes, no proof reading and bad typist.


Just considering the cost, relative to the budget, that doesn’t even make sense, given that restructuring the distribution of the benefit (boxes of no-choice, compared with a dignified EBT card), added administrative costs for implementation and enforcement of new requirements possibly including drug testing, will actually end up costing more money than saved with less people enrolled.

It is a sick, mean spirited proposal with the ends primarily of divide/conquer/punish/campaign sloganeering of “responsibility”, “breaking the cycle of poverty”, and other such right wing tripe much more straightforward of “kicking the deadbeats off of the dole”, et al.

Meanwhile “the producers” line up in the very short line to the capitalist pig hog trough, overflowing with fucking cash. But they are a special class, of course.


Here, they have reduced the social services staff to skeleton levels, don’t backfill when someone goes on maternity leave, etc. The work load for social workers who are the legal guardians for children who have been removed from their homes as a result of abuse or neglect - is onerous.

They use fostering agencies to license and monitor foster families. The workers in these agencies are also subjected to unmanageable workloads - but in my experience, the fostering agencies offer zero value added in terms of ensuring that children are in adequate foster homes.


I understood your point and agree.

When I grew up there it was a true melting pot and everyone got along. I haven’t lived there in a very long time but don’t doubt what you say. However, remember that we only get TWO real options to vote for. And when both are bad, many were fooled.


So “they” keep saying. I appreciate your sarcasm, and I concur.


That it is ill, and that the illness is likely terminal.


Of course, there is a “Pittsburg” in California… and there is a (much smaller) “South Pittsburg”, in Tennessee on the Alabama border. I’ve been to or near both. It is a relic from when some overly intrusive busybodies in the “The United States Board on Geographic Names” literally ordered cities to spell it that way - or in the case of already existing city at the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers, was ordered to remove the “h” in 1891. They had to fight a protracted legal battle to get the “h” put back in 1911. The town in California adopted the name only a few months earlier becasue of its steel mill.


Well, everyone still gets along in (somewhat depopulated) Mt. Pleasant today. But all the different Slavic ethnicities that worked in the local coal mines and mills aside, they all were still white and would have not tolerated any black people in the mines or other workplaces. This continues to this day. The remaining US-steel operations in Braddock, Clairton, West Mifflin and McKeesport are all nearly 100 percent white union workers who commute in from Westmoreland or Washington Counties in their big Pickups and SUV’s. Meanwhile, the river-valley towns around the mills have become mostly populated by black people who were driven out of Pittsburgh v.3.0 by the gentrifying white yuppies and their hi-tech economic takover. Al the black people get is cancer and respiratory diseases from the pollution from the US Steel plants - notably the Clarton Coke Works.


All I know for certain is that when I was growing up there, and until I left to go into the military, there was no color distinction to speak of. ALL got along…period! As for now, I can’t say.


Well of course the poor don’t want to work. Wage slavery is a horrible existence, and anyone who can get out of 80 plus hours a week at $7.25 an hour will.

If you think, oh no, I wouldn’t, I love selling every waking hour of my whole life doing what I hate just to eat and keep a roof over my head, then what is wrong with you?

And where are we supposed to go to get these jobs anyway? China? Hell of a commute!

But silver lining: the bread riots are coming.


Her welfare reform opened the door to work requirements.

Which is my entire point about the LOTEs. The good cop opens the door, freeing the bad cop to break the door down.

But all of you LOTE voters can do as you please, but I have one request: Just shorten your comments to LOTE and you won’t have to type so much and I won’t have to read more on the virtues of Republican Lite.



What “vast majorities of Americans across party lines want” is not delivered because we don’t live in a democracy. Doesn’t each one of us know, deep down that we live in a plutocracy (bordering on oligarchy).? Yet we all play the game, dance to the tune of the plutocrats and allow their bullshit propaganda to make us sorta-believe that the majority rules. No wonder the oligarchs have no respect for “the people”. United we stand, divided we fall - and we’re falling.


There’s an irony to bashing the Hillary-bashers. During the campaigning, Yunzer et al. were insisting we come together to defeat Trump, because bickering among liberals only made the right wing stronger.

Now what is he doing? Taking the initiative to preemptively insult Bernie and Jill supporters to take the sting away from any criticism of the Dems (yes, the whole party, not just Hillary).

By the way, not all of us who voted for Bernie or Jill stated, or even thought that Hillary would have been worse than Trump, particularly for domestic policy. There were, and still are, other reasons to oppose a LOTE voting strategy.

And now the complaining among Hillary supporters has actually become a set-in-stone strategy for the Democratic Party. Well before the primaries for my state’s election for governor, the state party chairman has already pre-emptively instructed voters DO NOT CRITICIZE the party’s pre-selected candidate, because that makes Democrats look bad compared to the GOP candidate, and it gives him ideas for criticizing the Democratic candidate prior to the general election.